Frank Figliuzzi Torches Tucker Carlson's FBI False Flag Lie 1

Frank Figliuzzi Torches Tucker Carlson’s FBI False Flag Lie


A FOX news host and then member Congress have floated a conspiracy theory that the FBI might have somehow worked to instigate the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. MSNBC's Brian Williams gets reaction from FBI veteran Frank Figliuzzi.
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    1. How about Gohmert, Cruz, Graham, Johnson, Gosar, Rudy, Norman, Clyde, and any other fool trying to rewrite history.

    1. @Okkie Trooy Biden is mich more trustworthy than ol Tuck! Those darned repubs! Always saying the news and the like. I recon we oughta put a 90 year old in the white house to show them how to run things!

  1. It would answer all of Tucker’s questions if only…..I don’t know, maybe congress had voted for some kind of bipartisan investigation?

    1. Republicans – We believe that the government was attacked in a false flag operation, led by the FBI and manned by communists, socialists, Antifa and BLM on January 6th, aided and abetted by the Democrats.
      Democrats – Really? Then how about we have a joint investigation to prove what really happened?
      Republicans – No! No need! Let’s just let it go. Water under the bridge and all that.
      Democrats – …Fine, but we are going still going to have an investigation.
      Republicans – Oh my god! The Democrats are going to try and frame us for the January 6th attack that THEY carried out! Why didn’t they offer to have a joint investigation so we could expose their lies? Please donate all of your money now, because my crocodile tears of false outrage have already soaked through the hundred dollar bills I use to mop my face.

    2. The 2016 election was investigated by every government intelligence agency and a two year special council. Not one single government investigation was allowed to be conducted for the very suspicious 2020 election. Obviously there’s a double standard.

    3. @Ken Blades yes, that standard is that Republikans only allow investigations when they can control the “findings”.
      Good catch, komrade!

    1. Why does @evan doe keep asking for definitions to words it keeps using?

      It’s a 2 month old troll, here to troll. Ridicule it.

    2. @evan doe – Is that what you do, ask your parents about things you are confused about? I haven’t asked my parents about things I am confused about for about 20 years now. Please keep your projections to yourself, little one. I am definitely not confused about what conservatism means.

      What was the last nonfiction book you read and when was it? What was the last political science or political history book you read and when was it? This ought to be hilarious.

  2. Tucker is deflecting. Me thinks he’s running scared. One insurrectionist is claiming “Foxitis” as his defense. Not to mention, Baby Gaetz threw Tucker under the bus during their last interview.

    1. What’s so funny about that, JesusHates? Is it really that funny? I’m glad I’m amusing your weak and feeble mind.

    2. Tim, I’m fine with that, you haven’t dismissed the idea out of hand. Time will out, I guess.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 “The Capitol Riot Indictments Do Not Suggest an FBI Entrapment Scheme”, The National Review [generally conservative outlet]. Addresses the claims made by Carlson. One key point, hinted at in the MNSBC video here, is that an unindicted co-conspirator cannot by definition be an confidential informant (or a FBI spy or provocateur). A CI is not a co-conspirator. More likely the UCC is someone who has been charged but is willing to cooperate with the prosecution.

      Anyways entrapment is a defense in these type of situations. The defendant would have to prove such a defense but at a lower standard than required for his/her successful prosecution.

    1. @whyso curious And the left and FBI , also put their crime on other people’s Facebook page bragging , and recording themselves .

    2. Why do you think the aliens have yet to show up and say hi, they saw an episode of tucker carlson once and decided to leave.

    3. @Milton Bradley LMAO. Too good. Isn’t it funny how the more self-contradictory and ridiculously convoluted the theory the tighter those morons cling to it. My favorite was “it was BLM”. The only black people I saw in any of the videos were cops outsmarting the MAGA idiots at every turn to save lives.

    4. @Candy Wilson do you fear the incompetent leadership of the left that is also so much more competent than the republicans in power that they constantly thwart them?;p

    5. @Candy Wilson do you believe trans shouldn’t be allowed to play sports because they are too strong/masculine and also they cannot serve in the military because they are too weak/feminine? Most republicans seem to believe that..

    1. Funny because skeletor is your leader. That’s Nancy, not Joe, he died 5 months ago but you can’t really tell the difference. You don’t take Joe seriously gtfo you people are weak.

    2. ​@Kevin Grant If you have a BRAIN … it would have two divisions. A ‘left’ and ‘right’ side. In your left side, there would be nothing RIGHT, and In your right side, there would be nothing LEFT….

    3. @Stefan Frankel I don’t think you understand that term. Snowflakes are people who are still butt hurt because Trump lives rent free in their head. Do you have something maybe a little more creative?

    4. @Paul Ferrante Ya got me with some real genius there Paul. Not sure I’ll recover anytime soon. Day has become night, hours have become days. I can’t sleep thinking about how Biden is also just sleeping all the time. Its really keeping me down at night and up in the morning if you know what I mean.

  3. “I don’t see any reason why it would be Russia.” –Trump, supporting Putin over U.S. interests
    “I meant to say wouldn’t.” –Trump, 24 hours later, after having been caught saying exactly what he meant.

    1. The hilarious part is it made no logical sense since before that, he stated he emphatically believed Putin’s denial. Then a few minutes later to say that he meant to say “wouldn’t” is just asinine. But his brain dead supporters bought it hook line and stinker

    2. So nice to have a US President not siding with our enemies….weren’t Republicans the anti communist party for decades????

    1. What about Hilary emails, fast and furious Holder did. Obama money he gave IRAN, the fake Russian collision. The fake Muller report, the list can go on. They should be in jail for treason.

    2. Who’s going to jail now? Talking about jail crazy. Sing along now …. Thirty days in the hole .. Humble pie

    3. @SmashingBangers Why should anybody be concerned we all saw it before . Why is there no talk on Biden . I know he’s boring and he’s on the edge of dementia but after all he is your president.

  4. You can’t have it both ways: some Republicans claim Jan 6th never happened, or it was just a tour group, while others claim it was a “false flag” operation by anyone and everyone from Antifa to the Girl Scouts of America! If it wasn’t so disgusting, it would be laughable.

    1. I had Girl Scout Cookies in Amsterdam. It wasn’t as good as the Neville’s Haze or Jack Herer.

  5. Tucker Carlson. Vigorously promoting “Never trust what any American says…” to the world every single day…

    1. Gym, in no way am I acting as apologist for those who committed crimes at the Capitol. They should all face the law, we can agree on that.

      Now I assume you feel the same way about BLM and Antifa for their 10 month crime spree all across America. Are we agreed? You’ll denounce them, yes?

    2. @TheDiamond2009 BLM nor ANTIFA attacked the capitol of our country in the attempt to overthrow our government in order to, against the will of the People, install a dictator in America’s presidency.

    3. It’s ineteresting that the Far right is blaming the FBI after 4 years of control and new Trump appointed directors was the ones that “instigated” the riots.

    4. Gym, did you really just say that the attack on the Capitol was designed to instal a dictator?

      If I were you, I’d be embarrassed to write that down.

    5. @TheDiamond2009 You’re absolutely right. I should have written *wannabe* dictator. Thank you for correcting me!

  6. It’s truly astonishing to me that Tucker would try to incite an overthrow of the status quo. He’s a pampered trust fund baby who has unassailable security and privilege he never earned under the CURRENT system.

  7. Fox News says nobody should take Tucker Carlson seriously…. if that’s the case then Rupert Murdoch should be deported to his native Australia and jailed in that country for the damage that he has inflicted on the USA.

    1. You do know that Murdock is a naturalized US Citizen? We don’t strip people of their citizenship unless they lied to get it. He had to become a US citizen in order to own or work in the US news media?


    3. @gennaterra I said they be stripped of their citizenship ONLY if they lied to get it! CAN YOU READ?!

    4. Rupert Murdoch is doing the the same damage here in Australia. It doesn’t matter where he lives, his hate infects the world as there is an appetite for it.

  8. Education to the fascist Republican cult means programming lies, fears, and hate into people, while discouraging critical reasoning, independent thought, and objectivity.

    1. What a Stupid statement. Is that something you heard when you were out goose stepping with all the other Demo Nazis

    2. @ryder layne … calling someone “Stupid” whilst being grammatically wrong is pretty stupid… right?

    3. @Martin Smith yes I know what you mean. Recently I’ve heard it from the Democrats. And I know I’ve heard it before, can you help me out please..

    1. Perhaps I should have said the Establishment, it’s purely that those perpetrating it include principally those who are left of centre. But it’s the Establishment.

    2. So what you are claiming, is that if there is a fire in the theater, you keep quiet and keep watching the movie, right?

    3. @TheDiamond2009 haha you can’t get the left to discuss anything. All they can do is deflect, deny and change the narrative… To have a discussion they would need to have the ability to think critically. Yet all they can do is call you names….

  9. Tucker Carlson’s squeaky over-acting is so transparent he should be playing soccer in the UK.

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