Frank Luntz: We Have Political Chaos Because No One Trusts The System | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Frank Luntz: We Have Political Chaos Because No One Trusts The System | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Veteran pollster Frank Luntz discusses hosting a recent focus group of Republicans and Democrats and his thoughts about the state of politics after the group. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban also joins the discussion. Aired on 02/25/2021.
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Frank Luntz: We Have Political Chaos Because No One Trusts The System | Morning Joe | MSNBC

55 Comments on "Frank Luntz: We Have Political Chaos Because No One Trusts The System | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Frank Luntz is one of the regenerators of this mess. He should not be on, he should be shunned. Luntz changed the nomenclature along with Gingrich. He created the mess. Luntz is gaslighting. He created the mistrust. Personal responsibility…give me a break.

    • Yep

    • He took disinformation to a scientific level.

    • No one should be shunned. Ideas are what matter — not who speaks them. In this case Luntz is right. Doesn’t mean he is always right — though that flys against the current obsession with classifying all political figures as either purely good or purely evil.

    • Vickie Alexander | February 25, 2021 at 1:43 PM | Reply

      Agree 100 percent.

    • Alison Crockett | February 25, 2021 at 3:24 PM | Reply

      @Donald Lee I think you’re right. I think if people said that they were a part of the initial problem then it would be easier to listen to him, because voter suppression is and has been real; we have just done a lot of work to over come it. But his focus groups now are important and we shouldn’t look away from the work he’s doing because he hasn’t dealt with his own conscious.🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. We are a failing democracy because of 1) the electoral college 2) plurality voting 3) the Senate.

    • And gerrymandering

    • @Jeremiah And lost souls who believe in a wobbling Pumpkin.

    • @Jeremiah – Gerrymandering is under state government control and effects the House of Representatives. While states like CA have in independent entity draw district lines, (which explains the many close calls across state), red states have their Republican Congress draw the lines. However, while this is a problem, along with voter suppression (another state specific issue), this is not in the top 3 systemic federal issues.

      Edit: Structurally, the House of Representatives makes sense. (Except for the state issues I mention). However, the Senate is structurally f**ked.

  3. Frank Luntz gives Partisan Political Hacks a Bad Name. A professional Gaslighter. Voter Suppression is Real…Franks Hair is Fake.

    • William Robison | February 25, 2021 at 9:12 PM | Reply

      Frank Lungs was way off. Just because voter suppression was not successful doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Reducing the number of poling places, purging voter rolls, voter id, voter intimidation, ect were all real. The difference is the voters were motivated as never before. In fact voter suppression may have played a role in increasing the motivation of occasionally, and new voters to stand in line all day to vote.

  4. oscarowski
    Every time Democrats mess up, it’s unforgivable…
    Every time the GOP creates a monster, it’s on both sides…

    • No. Any time either party messes up its on them, and them alone. But everyone wants to excuse their team and demonize “others.” If you can’t see that both sides do that them your deluding yourself.

    • I’m not saying both sides aren’t doing it, but 1. Democrats tend (not always) to be over represented with solutions, instead of solely aiming for the ankles of opponent… 2. Imagine a water gun fight and suddenly one kid brings an actual gun – that’s the GOP debating… also represents far too many Republicans these days…

    • @oscarowski I’d like you see that I was actually agreeing with you that both sides must be held equally accountable when they are wrong. When the GOP follows their recent penchant for what you say — we should all blame them. Same when the Democrats do the same. Democrats never should have declared themselves hopelessly opposed to anything Trump might propose back in 2016. That was wrong.

    • I see your point. I respect that. Still – it was the GOP that allowed Trump to run and since things have only gotten much much worse. I see why there was a fierce push back – not just because of the whole Russia thing, but simply because he prepresented the worst of human kind

  5. Da king SaeOne. Trenton's finest | February 25, 2021 at 12:22 PM | Reply

    The problem is the electoral college bs.let it be for the people by the people

  6. Today’s republican party needs the white nationalist vote to have any chance of being relevant.
    Sad, yes. Surprising?, no. 😅😂

  7. THE FACTORY PODCAST | February 25, 2021 at 12:35 PM | Reply

    This guy is speaking out both sides. There was attempts at voter suppression. Closing polling stations in poor areas to make people travel to far polling places was one way to suppress votes


    • Ẉ̵̌í̶͕K̶̬͑e̸͓̔r̵̈́ͅ | February 25, 2021 at 1:13 PM | Reply

      You heard that people? They’re doing voting fraud where it doen’t exist.

    • And now we know what team your loyal to over loyalty to country, truth and reality. Everyone who wanted to vote could vote. And there was little to no voter fraud. But the GOP will cling to their delusion as will you and the Democrats cling to yours.

    • @S Mwow you are low iq… if FACTS rile people up, that’s because there is a problem. If voter suppression exists, then bringing it up during a vote is the SANE thing to do. How tf is voter suppression real but not effecting votes??? You have the smoothest brain in history.

    • Lawngue Blackduke | February 25, 2021 at 1:54 PM | Reply

      @Ẉ̵̌í̶͕K̶̬͑e̸͓̔r̵̈́ͅ OMG, next thing you know they’re not even going to bother to count ballots in places where nobody votes!

  8. Arsonist: “The building is burning down because someone set it on fire.”

    • @TheDiamond2009 Both sides are equally to blame!

    • TheDiamond2009 | February 25, 2021 at 6:37 PM | Reply

      And the great shame is that it has divided your country, American against American, neighbour against neighbour, and I can’t see how it will change any time soon.

      It’s very sad to watch.

    • @TheDiamond2009 Data and research have extensively documented the ways in which Black Americans are underrepresented, overrepresented, or experience different treatment from their white counterparts. Your attempt to use hand picked statistics to back an argument about racial injustice is dishonest at best, do some more research and see if white and black Americans are equal under the law. If you believe in equal justice, you look it up and we’ll have a discussion.

    • @TheDiamond2009 Your disconnect is your not American. In America your life is in jeopardy if you j-walk, sell a cig, take a jog, play in a park, get behind a wheel,…(unfortunately this can go on) IF you are black. I never would have struck up a conversation with you if I had known your ignorance is from your distance. You stay in the British Isles with your bias and we’ll all get along better.

    • @TheDiamond2009 Fellow UK citizen here. Mate you’re acting like a Britain doesn’t have huge partisan political differences.

  9. Take the money out of politics, then we will have change.

  10. Frank Luntz is speaking like a guy with a guilty conscience who’s trying convince everyone, including himself of his innocence.

  11. Couldn’t get through Luntz. Carefully avoiding the stinky elephant in the room. Democrats don’t trust Republicans, for GOOD reason, not “the system.” This getting lost in rhetoric is a convenient way to avoid addressing the real issues.

    • Michael Spyridon | February 25, 2021 at 3:19 PM | Reply

      As a Democrat I gotta disagree.

      I don’t have severe trust issues with normal, traditional Republicans i.e. Romney, Cheney, Luntz. They are a small minority and shrinking minority within the Republican party today.

      The majority and apparent future of the GOP isn’t even Republican anymore – it’s strictly militant Trumpian.

      The best historical example I can think of off the top of my head is Russia between 1915 and 1955. How it went from the Russian Empire to the Bolshevik/Leninist Communist Russia to Soviet Russia and finally to Stalinist USSR.

      Stalinism was the cause of the holodomor. Stalinism was the cause of Kolyma and Katyn. Stalinism was the cause of the terror and purges.

      I am NOT a supporter of Marxist-Leninist Communism – it’s a tried, tested, and failed political ideology. But historically it hasn’t been the ideology so much as the preachers of the ideology and leaders. Stalinism (Soviet communism). Maoism (Chinese communism). Juche. (North Korean communism). Castroism. (Cuban communism). Ceaușescuism (Romanian communism). PolPotism (Cambodian communism) and the list goes on.

      See the pattern? All of these horrific communist tyrants shared a cult of personality and violent policies to implement their communist utopia.

      Striving or dreaming for utopia on earth may be naive idealism, but there’s nothing wrong or evil about it. Creating cults of personality (which the opposite of those far left communist cult examples you can show Mussolinism(fascism), Nazism/Hitlerism(German fascism), and Japanese Imperialism (Japanese fascism based on the cult of personality of the Emperor.) Francoism (Spanish fascism). And Trumpism. (American neo-fascism).

      These far right forms of dictatorship/tyranny/fascism are equally as despicable and disgusting as the far left forms of dictatorship/tyranny/communism.

  12. I can’t even watch this. Frank is RESPONSIBLE for this mess.

  13. Quentin Garnes | February 25, 2021 at 1:27 PM | Reply

    The only problem is that the Republicans have no new ideas for the country

  14. There is no voter suppression??? Then why are there so many laws and rules in southern states that prevent people from voting? Why did Georgia just restrict voting even more??? This guy is a dishonest fool.

  15. It’s not only that people don’t trust the system, it’s also they don’t know the system. They don’t know why the government is there.

  16. Citizens should be educated and economically stable

  17. Apparently you haven’t looked at what Georgia’s doing in it’s state house. Its called VOTER SUPPRESSION!!!

  18. That one man’s lies would have had no hold on our electorate without the unfathomable support by the GOP.

  19. Didn’t he invent the list of names Gingrich and Rush limbaugh called everyone on the left? Luntz needs to repent or he’s heading to the same place as Rush is. 🔥 😡

  20. TheViewFromUpHere | February 25, 2021 at 3:38 PM | Reply

    Republicans interfering with the USPS to slow and block mail-in ballots, what voter suppression?

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