Frank Siller Shares Why He’s Walking 500 Miles To Honor 9/11 Heroes


  1. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕📞

    1. Another fake Impersonator who stole somebody identity to post for The Internet Research Agency also known as Glavset and known in Russian Internet slang as the Trolls from Olgino, is a Russian company engaged in online.

    1. @Mark Evans Johnson kept using SLURS after he signed the civil rights which democrats opposed. Confederate democrats never changed 🤡 you just got purged out of Texas. Americans will keep passing these laws and you will be shuttered inside away from American society 🇺🇸

    2. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER That of course is a lie the dimwitted cult members keep trying to push…Now take your tiki torch and toddle along…

    3. @INCARNATE 😂 Americans know our history. We have facts to back it up. Unlike your BS. You can’t build anything. That’s the proof

  2. It is disturbing to know that Trump supporters are planning 9/11 style attacks on America at this very moment.

    1. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER So much denial going on in your brain cell right now. Trump lost. As you would say in 2016, if you don’t like it, leave.

  3. One way to tell how one account is impersonating another is to check their profile picture. If there’s a white circle on the outside of it that means it’s fake. Also if the account is joined one month ago that means it’s fake. There are currently 6 ft accounts, one of them enjoys spamming the same comment roasting George Floyd.

  4. If you really want to make a difference…hold Bush accountable…and ask where all that money went missing…the day before the towers were bombed. Remember the announcement? $2.3 trillion missing or unaccounted for. Then BOOM! HUGE DISTRACTION

  5. republicans: “We will never forget!”
    Also republicans: “Sorry, we’re cutting your health care funding for first responders.”

    1. Democrats cut advanced classes because “THEY CLAIM” a certain race can’t compete 😂😂 why would they act this way??

    2. *🚨Biden’s approval hits new low – drops 10% among independents to just 36% – the mystery is:*

      *how can ANYONE approve of the utter chaos and cruelty unleashed by this despicable man, easily the worst president in America’s history*

  6. *ABC’s of Salvation*

    *A* – Admit you’re a sinner in need of a Saviour (Romans 3:10, 6:23)

    *B* – Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins (1Corinthians 15:3-4)

    *C* – Call upon the Name of the Lord and be saved (Romans 10:9-10, 10:13)

    Believe what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross and be saved. As Paul said in the book of *Ephesians 2:8-9* – _For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. Not of works lest any man should boast._


    How sin entered the world? – Genesis 2 & 3!

  7. Gain of function/border crisis/ Afghanistan/ dementia/ /gas prices /plandemic/ tax in inflation/ hunters laptop/ 10% for the big guy/ etc………….

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