Frantic Exodus From Afghanistan Ties U.S. In Logistical Knot At Kabul Airport 1

Frantic Exodus From Afghanistan Ties U.S. In Logistical Knot At Kabul Airport


David Rohde, executive editor of, talks with Rachel Maddow about how poor planning by the United States has left the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan in gridlock as tens of thousands, including Americans, try to flee Afghanistan under Taliban rule. 
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  1. “Trying to get the best and the brightest women out….“ What kind of thing is that to say? What about the next baker? A future female mechanic? Or just another woman trying to make it. Aren’t we in the world trying to show that every life has value?

    1. @Wasabi Bobby Yes, things are going great here under democratic rule. That’s why all the red states are flooding the blue states. Lol

    2. @Genki Feral Dont worry there will be plenty of below average people crossing the southern border. We certainly dont discriminate there.

    3. I hope they’re somehow vetting the people being flown out to make sure they’re actually refugees so we won’t get some future “allahu akbar therapists” here. But considering the “logistical knots” this administration is having, I’m not too confident in that.

    4. It’s ok. Those countries will be the first to get blown up by aliens and China and USA will not intervene. They will Bow down to the Christ because Allah does not exist.

    1. Guys, HERE is The Savior

      YaH The Heavenly FATHER HIMSELF was Who they Crucified for our sins and “HERE IS THE PROOF”

      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll: 
      “Yad He Vav He” is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)

      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad – “Behold The Hand”
      He – “Behold the Breath”
      Vav – “Behold The NAIL”

    2. @ROBERT BRADLY link please. I would take Fox news link too. Again, give me a video link of Taliban shooting civilians today. Please. Else I have to assume having Taliban shooting civilians is what YOU WANT to be happening, not what is actually happening.

  2. Well, Biden told us Taliban will help ensure the safety of those who wants to go to the Kabul airport, so maybe he can ask the Taliban to help with the evacuation next. After all, Biden gave our airfield in Bagram and our helicopters to the Taliban.

    1. So what now? You think the taliban is gonna use the airport and start an Air Force? Most of them can’t even read. Let them try to fly.

    2. Thats because there was no body of water to dump the helicopters like they did with their hueys after the vietnam war so there was no option other than to gift it.

    3. Dementia Joe Biden actually said he could not overturn POTUS Trump’s timeline for withdrawing our troops from this sh..hole after overturning everything Trump did right!! Dementia joe and Rachel are LIARS

  3. So they are working to evacuate the “best & brightest” among university students.
    I guess the average students are not deserving of to keep their lives

    1. Look at any disaster movie, who does the US choose to save? Why should this be any different? If there’s only room on the ark for a handful, who gets selected?

    2. @Me Here So gut Afghanistan of any Talent that would have worked to better Afghanistan? How Colonialist of you.

  4. “Get the brightest and smartest women out”

    When they decide your fate based on your GPA, you know democracy is dead to them.

    1. @Matt JaxDad Doesn’t really matter. You are rolling the dice on bad apples whether they are educated or not. So you might as well roll the dice on the educated ones, rather than introducing adults without formal education into your economy (i.e. future homeless people)

    1. @Consumers Power Co. Since, we seem to think about the same ( it seems), let me ask you.. what do you think about our ‘international’ presence now? Because I think Biden just made the move and ruined what little clout we did have. Have you heard what China said to Taiwan? How the Brits feel now? It is easy for us to just sit and laugh about this stuff, saying, “oh, well, we are the U.S.”.. but after doing this.. how proud of the U.S. (meaning the gov’t) are you bout doing this? I don’t care who did it, it was done. It was wrong or well, I think the ‘way’ it was done was wrong but we definitely needed to decrease our presence over there. You brought up if Trump did it would it have been ok? With the way this ended, no, it would not have been ok but I do not think it would have ended like this. I may be wrong or I may be right. But, not being along party lines, are you ok with what Biden did or I guess I should say, are you ok with the way he did it?

    2. @Danielle V I agree with you here as well. I think we never should have been in there in the first place but since we were there I dont think slamming on the gas pedal and skirting out of there was the way to go. As far being proud of anything the government does, that’s a rare feeling in general.

    3. @Consumers Power Co. I would give you 5 thumbs up if I could. We do disagree on something (which is ok by me).I remember 9/11 exactly what I was doing and where when it happened. I do think we needed to be there and do what we did. Nobody should attack us and think that it is ok because we are the U.S.A. and you don’t disrespect us like that. I am very proud of this country, I am proud of what we have accomplished (contrary to youngsters beliefs), I used to be proud of what we stood for, however, anymore with these schools and young people, I feel an embarrassment that this ‘ridiculousness’ was let go this far and an embarrassment for the U.S. government. I love my country but I don’t know how we got to where we are.
      But back to the topic at hand, I do agree with you, we should never have just ‘slammed on the gas pedal and skirted’ I think that is what is the difference between Trump and Biden. Trump didn’t ‘skirt’, that I remember at least!! lol

    4. @Danielle V yes I remember 9/11 too. I was 18 when it happened but you’re forgetting that Afghanistan didn’t do 9/11. It was Saudi Arabia. Remember Bush got us into Afghanistan under false pretenses. Remember wmd? He didn’t go after Saudi Arabia because why? It starts with O and every car needs it.

    5. @Consumers Power Co. Don’t forget Joseph then Senator Biden did vote to bring war upon Afghanistan. Why Bush keeps getting the blame, I’ll never know. Just as the 104th Republican Congress never gets the credit for balancing the budget, but Clinton does. Wahhabi and Salafi are rooted in Saudi Arabia, true. So you would have rather had a religious war in Saudi Arabia? That doesn’t make sense, the whole of Muslim World would have turned on us.

    1. @Brady Hayes thank you. You’re one of the few who wants to have an intelligent conversation. And mostly I agree with you.

    2. @Kelly Cox Evacuate all of the American citizens and large military equipment, then withdraw the military. Not evacuate the military first while leaving American citizens stranded and along with billions of dollars worth of military aircraft.

    3. @Kelly Cox Am I lying, or are all of the news outlets reporting thousands of Americans are stranded lying?
      Did the Taliban photo shop all the pictures of the US Aircraft that they seized?
      Maybe you should leave your little bubble and find out what is really going on.

    4. @Kelly Cox Really ? Did you listen to anything Trump actually said or were you snorting CNN & MSNBC as they spent 4 years searching for a Russian connection ? Compare America 1 year ago to America today. Do you see ANY difference ?

    1. Here is the Original Semitic Text. HERE is The Savior

      YaH The Heavenly FATHER HIMSELF was Who they Crucified for our sins and “HERE IS THE PROOF”

      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll: 
      “Yad He Vav He” is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)

      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad – “Behold The Hand”
      He – “Behold the Breath”
      Vav – “Behold The NAIL”

    2. They do. She keeps her job because she spouts her boss’ views. Ratings have nothing to do with it. She is a mouthpiece for her network’s ideology.

  5. Amazing how they are labeling abandoned US citizens and allies as “Logistics”. Maddow never fails to disappoint when it comes to her stupidity.

    1. @D1 high priority. well let me help you out on this, I believe you love who you love. Been married to the same man for 28 years and very happy. I don’t think you’re the judge of how people live their life, and who they love.
      If this was a sad attempt at the democrats, sorry to disappoint you, but haven’t had any sexual encounters with any baby blood drinkin lesbians.
      You need to really stop. You’re not playin with the right one.

    2. @Cheri R the right one? You’re a Democrat! Yet you claim to be a Christian. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? The reason for those cities being destroyed, is what Democrats support! Abortion. How can you support someone that supports abortion? Seems to me, you’re a bunch of hypocrite. Judging is a sin, and I’m definitely judging you. Sometimes it can’t be helped though.

    3. @Censored User I’m sorry that you’re uncomfortable that I find your post funny. You know nothing about me? I don’t answer to you or anyone else but my God, yes I am a Christian, no I don’t believe abortion is right, yes I’m a democrat, but the last time I checked my Bible, it says “Every knee will bow before the lord, and give an account of his life” so stop worrying about what others do, worry about your own heart! I’m good. Have a good night

  6. Love how their priority is afghan nationals and not the 2000 Americans they left there without warning

    1. Without warning? Tan mom made this deal with them a while ago. It’s been in the works for a year. This didn’t go smoothly, but it definitely wasn’t without warning.

    2. @Dao Nguyen its the left showing us exactly what they are… Weak and ignorant. Do you remember what Biden said something about how the Chinese treat a certin group of ppl and put them in reeducation camps? I cant remebet exact words but it was something about climate or just what they do… So basiclly ignore it because its none of our buisness. Well thats what Biden has done to Afghanistan.. Just reipped the Military out and let the wolves in. Left Americans stranded and i just heard it took 4 days for the Taliban to take the whole fkin country… Not sure about 4 days tho but ive watched the news and i just started hearing about this a couple days ago so… Lol this Administration is a joke

  7. Americans are stranded in Afghanistan. WTF? Who is planning to save these Americans? We need to SAVE AMERICA!

    1. @Tim B I had to put the plus signs to single out the first +you’re+ for some reason it removed the asterisks I had placed. I know better than to make newbie grammatical, or spelling errors bub.

    2. @Vere Witch. Oh please madame witch, I emplore you forgive my impish transgressions.?
      Admittedly, I couldn’t contain my jovial outburst. Do you not find it a scant bit ironic… I mean you’re a “witch” pontificating on about the “Dark Age Mentality” of the military industrial complex in one breath & then in the next would callusly leave our own brothers & sisters to the same sort of dogmatic zealotry that befell practicianers of your namesake 500yrs ago?
      Do you imagine that this show of virtuous retribution, will bring the warhawks to atonement? You would have us punish those poor souls deceived into believing they were gifting liberty to the Afghan people? What do you propose we tell thier families, “we prioritized the best and brightest” of those that wouldn’t even fight for themselves?
      The deluge of self entitled privaleged bullshite, flowing from your mouth is truly abhorrent.

    3. @Juan Martell i love how this 20th century Bolshevik, is preaching the doctrine that killed more people than Hilter.
      While telling you to get with the 21st century? Those darn eye rolls, bet they hurt?
      Keep the faith brother…

  8. Where’s the rage Rachael? You ranted for 4 years about POTUS incompetence. Here’s your chance for something real to grasp.

    1. @mizzury54 sure, blame the victims. Good obedient liberal! Make sure you run out and get your boosters too!

    2. Maybe we shouldn’t have invaded Vietnam at all! Then Saigon wouldn’t have happened. Oh wait, wrong war. I spoiled the lesson too early.

  9. What a sh*t show. Sounds like they’re just bringing to the US whomever wants to come. Why are these NGOs allowed to charter flights and bring over who they want?

    1. Is it all a cover? Create a catastrophe, claim to send humanitarian aid, sneak sleeper cells in. Look at the 1 photo released of all the Afghans on the C10, they are predominantly fighting age males. Don’t see many women and children in that photo. Diversion created, no more stories of the Southern border are there?

    2. Dementia Joe Biden actually said he could not overturn POTUS Trump’s timeline for withdrawing our troops from this sh..hole after overturning everything Trump did right!! Dementia joe and Rachel are LIARS

    3. They’re not being taken beyond their continent at this stage. Planes are taking them to neighbouring countries, cause that’s all these various organisations can afford to do & have the planes & fuel to do. Do you think they can refuel in Afghanistan right now? They’re all only doing little bunny hops to immediate safety

  10. Bravo, President Houseplant. Your ‘legacy’ is just about complete. Imagine the destruction & murders you can facilitate over a full term

  11. Great return to Rachel from the commentator. I’m sure she’s screaming at whoever picked him, and not knowing ahead of time what he would say. The administration screwed the pooch as we say in the Navy.

    1. @Christine King Maddow is a masculine, irritating woman who has no common sense. Most call her Mr not Dr !

    2. @Christine King yeah she wasn’t that way with trump. I hate trump but I can still see the difference in how she she reports on trump vs Biden. Why pretend you don’t notice?

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