Free beer! Anheuser-Busch Will Buy A Round When Vaccine Goal Is Reached 1

Free beer! Anheuser-Busch Will Buy A Round When Vaccine Goal Is Reached


Anheuser-Busch is launching a national campaign with the White House to help meet President Joe Biden’s goal of encouraging as many Americans as possible to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by July 4th — a free round of beer for all 21 + Americans when Biden's 70 percent goal is reached.

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  1. this is just sick! the incentive to get a vaccine is alcoholism? are you freaking kidding me? I am never taking this vaccine

    1. You’d be sick drinking this shoite long before any alcoholic effects kick in. Alcohol is the least of this beverages issues.

    2. @Chris Voss
      Very true. Bud is the swill of the masses. I tried it once; still have the memory.

    3. @Roger Wilco controlling yourself by drinking beer for years? Lmao I bet you can’t go a month without a can.

    1. @New Type Of Flex and you’ve got a bunch of ridiculous ideas bouncing around in your little nutcase head that you can’t prove.

    1. I give you permission to have mine as well. I’m vaccinated, but won’t drink Bud anymore. Beer makes me crazier.

    1. until you pass a black light, and UV lights you up like a Xmas tree. Enjoy the glow lol

  2. Cheap beer for risking your life? LOLZ. Maybe the Karen’s will go for this, but not I.

    1. Lol free cheap beer enough to give you a nice buzz for just possibly a once in a time event in exchange for a unapproved vaccine?
      NO THANKS…

    2. @Dylan Johnson like what? There’s no mystery ingredient in it? Science understand how these things work.

    3. @Roger Wilco my mom took the vaccine and my brother did and they were fine
      it just depends on the vaccine and the company it was distributed from
      i wouldn’t trust the brand vaccine that the democrats would recommend people to try…

  3. Miller’s not my 14th choice, but if they’re giving ’em away for free for a vaccine, yeah I’ll take a round!

  4. At this rate if I keep holding out, I could get a free car. Don’t cave! Lets see how far they take it!!

  5. Q clued me in on the deadly, mind-controlling nature of your sinister vaccine and I would NEVER … oh wait, hey, free round? Here’s my arm

  6. This is what cooperation between the White House and corporate ameriKKKa should look like. Well done, Anheuser-Busch!

  7. I’m so glad to see the largest corporations on earth merging together for a great cause!!!

  8. George Floyd used to drink a beer and then vaccinate himself every day with a needle. Say his name!

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