Free menstrual products coming to Ont. schools: Lecce announces plan to combat 'period poverty' 1

Free menstrual products coming to Ont. schools: Lecce announces plan to combat ‘period poverty’


Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced a deal with Shoppers Drug Mart that will see free menstrual products in schools.

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    1. Shoppers most likely got tax breaks or back door entrance to unethical pharmacy billing practices. Always support your local pharmacy . Don’t go to corporate ones who put profit on a pedestal (I.e rexall and shoppers)

  1. There should be supplies made available at schools. They were when I was in high school, but the one lady at the desk would get pissed if I asked more than once due to simply forgetting. These are a necessity for young girls.

    1. @ricky starduster Educated in what? How to find better supplies? And, fem. hygeine products and condoms are 2 separate topics.

    2. It is a parent’s responsibility to provide for THEIR children, not the taxpayer (whom already pay for the schools and teacher’s salaries, regardless of whether they have children or not); and, if parent’s are having children when they can’t afford them, that’s on them- especially in this day and age where contraceptives are everywhere, and free to those in need. No kids, no free tampons on the taxpayer dime. Simple

    3. @O’Dochartaigh of O’Donegal i agree. i am childfree, and as a taxpayer i am getting sick of having constantly to pay for other people’s kids.

    4. @ricky starduster Condoms are for sex and that is optional. No female I ever met, said “Hey, let’s all go bleed and have cramps today!”

  2. A partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart? Sounds like a monopoly. The big company always wins. How does this affect our taxes?

    1. @Stewart D now, if the corporations were donating them out for the underprivileged. Thats a different story but they’re not. They’re lining their pockets more. I’m glad Vag pads over run homelessness and childhood poverty.

    2. @Steve mcentee I guess he sold it. Thanks for the info. When I worked there he just bought them all in 1998.

    3. i am childfree, and as a taxpayer i am getting sick of having constantly to pay for other people’s kids.

  3. I wonder if they will be providing the lowest quality pads like the ones you can buy at public washroom vending machines. If you want something that works, you will probably have to buy your own.

    1. It’s very likely but even low quality products will help countless young women avoid situations that could make them feel embarrassed, ashamed, miss school or have their confidence and self esteem affected. I know it would be better if we could provide them the best stuff like we do for our own families but its a start. I cant bear the thought of a young woman in this country going without a necessity. Personally I think menstruation products should be covered by a tax credit or benefit for all women under the poverty line.

    2. @Lola Bird well thats why parents get a child tax cheaque to help cover the cost of their childs needs this would qualify as a daughters need

  4. I would be happy if my carbon tax was applied to this cost….ladies shouldnt have to pay for these products……period? Nevermind . Not at all…should i say.

    1. So if women shouldn’t have to pay for them, who should? Who decides the price? Plastic? Reusable? biodegradable? Maybe they could be dropped in gold and paid for out of our taxes to support rich millionaires that own the factories?

    1. @Adolphus Weiβmann you could have put bumstration but thats what we call diarrhea so it wouldn’t fit

    2. @ricky starduster have you seen the size 99% of sjws? There’s room, there’s a LOT of room in their non binary twinkle caves….

    1. this is just one of those bad jokes that the politicians are throwing our way. I’m sure the nex one will be more entertaining

    1. @Jenifer Douglas No we can’t have both until the eye check issue is resolved. Ever heard that saying “One thing at a time”.

    2. @S C I am 100% on eye checks and free glasses since an eye check is useless unless you can afford frames and lenses.

    3. @S C Sure, and some schools supply fem. H products. Some schools also provide clothing. Can’t we band together and help cover these things. The kids didn’t choose their circumstances.

  5. I work at a school. What a joke.
    We’re already doing this.
    Way to take credit for doing absolutely nothing.

  6. its been a long time coming! high school girls definitely need this… i hope this will be provided soon to all provinces…

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