Free Self-Defense Lessons with Odean Taylor | TVJ News – Nov 21 2022


  1. I don’t watch the news all the while because too much blood shedding and too much killing of young people and children are dieng too killing we don’t want know more blood shedding we are fed up only blood we need know is the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that is what we needed know we are tired of the crying rise up Jamaican people stand you ground united together with one voice mine bodies and soul stand up Jamaican we say we love and still we aren’t killing we tried of the blood shedding is the. Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we need love cover everything

  2. The army of god is risen young people rise up we are tired of the killings the sound of healing to.our heart and mind souls and body out of our beel.will flow river of living water church of rise up and speak life

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