1. “If Canadians are to trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians” ~ Justin Trudeau, 2015.

    1. You mean the one that helped write the charter of rights and freedoms, that trudeau’s been violating for at least the past two years?

  2. You do realize that your federal government allowed these protest to start because of their lack of leadership and inaction. Perhaps you should have started there….Theirs is the same reasons as your reason to bring a lawsuit….Protest…

  3. Always with the 3’s and 6’s. And they especially like their 6’s in multiples of 3. Go figure. Also note the brow ridge on these two. Very unnatural.

    1. @Stuart Osborne Afraid of lifting mandates? Does paranoia on your part really constitute an offence on their part?

  4. Truckers should be included, 2 years with no mandates then NOW? Who’s lives were disrupted. Secondly you live in capital city what did you expect ? No protests? It’s the capital !

  5. But the organizers of this event are not “organized” in such as way that they are a consolidated financial entity to receive such a lawsuit. WTF? And if they do successfully launch this class action lawsuit there’s not enough money to pay that out.

    1. Really tho how do you sue a protest lol and even if you do, who do you take 305 million from? All the truckers combined dont have that lol

    2. She’s suing the organizers. You know, the ones who were arrested yesterday. The ones who claimed the role of managing the donations that are supposed to go to the clownvoy members. *wink wink*

  6. How about mentioning that the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is suing the Government of Canada.. does that story not intrest you?

    1. They reported the civil liberties lawsuit. Now the are reporting the lawsuit of other free citizens suing trucker. This is democracy.

  7. Has li been doxxed? has her front window been smashed? Is she receiving innumerable threatening calls, texts, and e-mails?
    (like the owner of an ottawa ice cream shop who donated to the truckers).

  8. What a circus we live in! She probably feels like a hero and is so proud of herself (most of all happy to be on TV)

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