Freedom Ride for voting rights marks 60 years since the original | USA TODAY 1

Freedom Ride for voting rights marks 60 years since the original | USA TODAY


The Black Voters Matter bus tour marks 60 years since the Freedom Ride, and eight years Shelby County v. Holder was decided in a blow to voter access.
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The voting rights bus tour kicked off June 19 in Jackson, Mississippi, where many Freedom Riders were arrested 60 years ago when they got off the bus there. The tour, which also included stops in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia and Tennessee, aimed to travel the reverse route of the 1961 Freedom Rides. On the side of the bus are the words: "Freedom Ride, The Fight Continues," "Power" and "Love" along with the images of the original Freedom Riders, a group of white and Black activists that included college students and middle-aged Americans.

This week's eight-day trip came during a week of action involving voting rights.

Earlier this week, the Senate failed to pass a measure to start debate on a sweeping voting rights bill. The “For the People Act’’ backed by Democrats would, among other things, allow same-day voter registration and expand early voting. Republicans argued it was overreaching.

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  1. I may be white, but I stand with my fellow Black Americans. If my feet will help, I will march with you.

  2. Not only should valid photo ID be required to vote, but an IQ test should be passed before you can register. Don’t pass the IQ test, can’t vote.
    Simple. Would alleviate a ton of problems.

    1. @Life is Good What was wrong with what aces high said?
      Stupid decisions lead to stupid outcomes.
      When did logic leave humanity?

  3. 🙌🏽 Thank you 🙌🏽
    USA Today ✊🏽
    Keep up the good work on posting “RELEVANT MATTERS”

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