Freeland asked if Canada still has 'special relationship' with U.S. after border shutdown | COVID-19 1

Freeland asked if Canada still has ‘special relationship’ with U.S. after border shutdown | COVID-19


Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was asked if Canada still has a 'special relationship' with the U.S. after the long border shutdown.

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  1. “Necessarily? “. Would that not be “ necessary” .
    My gosh……what a “ prolonged grade 2 – Mommy talking to child” response.

  2. Hey folks.. Head’s up! This woman is about to be Prime Minister FREELAND (and that name is as oxymoronic as can be).

    1. Yeah because Trudeau doesn’t want to face the wrath of angry (justified) Canadians. It’s an easy escape route for him and she fell for it.

    1. Wasn’t condescension. She was just choosing her words very carefully. So carefully in fact that she forgot to give an answer.

    1. What was wrong with her answer? if a conservative would had given the same answer y’all would have applauded,

  3. She has mastered the art of talking without conveying anything meaningful. A politician who can’t answer questions. Just what Canada needs!

    1. @Henry Ford I’ve been to the range when the police are practicing and in some cases the safest place to stand is right behind the target.

  4. Is she insuring that when they roll out the UBI for Canadians that she is going to get her cut? IS her buddy George there?

    1. That’s not how it works. UBI is for the ignorant proletariat. Enlightened members of the Politburo live like royalty

  5. She is the finance minister and has a degree in (translated) Russian literature. She doesn’t even speak Russian. What a clown. Let’s get a 400lb smoker as the health minister next.

    1. Upside down world.
      This innumerate creature is Minister of Finance and the Minister of Foreign Affairs was an actual astronaut who probably took the bare minimum of Arts courses to fulfill his electives and has forgotten more math than the rest of the Lieberal caucus combined ever knew

      Not that his 100% socialized astronaut training would have given him any experience of real world Finance, but he at least knows numbers

    1. “Chrystia, what is your favourite colour?” “Mr. Speaker, Id say it is somewhere between a 3 and 129.”

    1. @Marcel Charette All you do is defend everything the government does and respond with hostility to anyone criticising the government. Why are you so adamant about defending the government’s incompetence?

    2. @Harry the third I don’t agree with your assessment. If you wanna see incompetence? Have a look at Harper. Have a look at Mulroney. I was raised in Calgary during the seventies and eighties. I know all about Conservative/Social Credit values. A bunch of racist, misogynist, religious wingnuts for the most part. Nope…

    3. Its been declined…businesses destroyed, lives destroyed, ppl fired…Canada doesn’t really own anything so its messy

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