Freeland: ‘I’m really sorry’ about WE controversy


    1. Another Snake crawls out from under her rock. We believe the Liberal Party Of Canada lacks ethics.
      A guestion : While Canadians are becoming poorer, How wealthy is your Party becoming?

    2. I wouldn’t say the most but it is corrupt. This is Trudeau caught yet again. I honestly don’t understand how the Trudeau family who are wealthy would allow themselves to risk their reputation. They aren’t DUMB but in fact educated. They are either amoral and can’t smell their stink or they’re truly corrupt.

  1. Trudeau’s short little lier and a disgrace to Canada . This is a mistake #. ? It’s #3 and 3 strikes = ?

  2. when you keep hearing that every week, starts to get on the nerves. have a little self respect., some dignity….or at the very least, don’t pose as some moral heroes. They were calling Canada flawed and racist all last month like they’re some arbiters. these punks couldn’t withstand an insurgency with teeth

  3. Your government should have learned from all your other corruption but you didn’t. All of the liberals should step down now they have done enough damage to our country.

  4. The Liberal Cabinet is corrupt to the core! Who cares if you are sorry! Most Canadians just found out that WE is a Youth Liberal training program to develop them into future Liberal Voters! And they were going to use tax payers dollars to do it! That’s the real scandal!

  5. That’s it Freeland lie your face off to protect the worst PM in Canadian history. Stop hiding behind the bloody “pandemic” and tell the truth, about the rampant corruption in the liberal cabinet.

  6. We don’t care that you’re “sorry”. Meaningless apologies are meaningless, we want ACCOUNTABILITY.

    1. Michael Barry
      Let me run things for awhile, heads would roll, assets would be seized, the school system would be revamped, all, and I mean all liberal teachers and professors would be looking for new jobs, maybe working with animals, where their propaganda wouldn’t get them far!!!

  7. Open up Parliament and triple the Auditor Generals funding. We would like to know details of the other 340 billion spent.

  8. So if I decided to rob a bank,fail and say”I’m sorry” I avoid all repercussions ? Wow …

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