1. Here we go again. Multi-million dollar bonuses to the AC executives using tax dollars. Yay. 🙄

  2. A liberal govt. giving Canadians’ taxpayer dollars to their friends.
    Imagine my surprise.
    Sabia screwed up as Bell’s CEO, so now his friends gave him an opportunity to continue to screw up.

  3. How about small business that is getting broken on the wheel daily by your wonderful leadership??? They are your enemy and deserve your punishment?

  4. Where is Trudeau? I thought he is the Prime Minister of Canada, not Freelance. Why is she doing his job?

  5. all liberals get free airfare too right ? But we will figure that out at a later date right ? Ugh sounds fishy already

  6. Anyone who watches this entire video should get a bailout too. Talk about PTSD, just listening to that woman’s voice. Far worse than chalk on a slate board.

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