Freeland: “Russia does not have a place” in the G20

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland calls for Russia to be removed from the G20 for its military actions in Ukraine.

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    1. I’m going to guess its because of Freeland’s connections to them. At the very least her family history with them.

  1. I’m not surprised. She has roots in Ukraine that could be considered conflict of interest in this matter. She held a flag she knew was very racist, after accusing the convoy of doing such (don’t worry Freeland you can edit the picture and repost it on Twitter but the actual picture has been commented on during streams). She is as much a hypocrite as Trudeau. She has no place in government here, she should find the door and see herself out. I’m sure she could find something else to do, maybe go to Ukraine.

    1. A right wing government that demands English only and embarks on a campaign to eliminate French from the land and then suppresses those that don’t obey.
      This is Ukraine but with different languages

  2. Coming from the lady that stuffed up the CUSMA agreement for all Canadians (New NAFTA) then became Canadas finance minister! 🤣🤣🇨🇦🤡

  3. If you listen very closely she says nothing about the economic realities of the current world..she is a finance mister for chri$@@$sakes

  4. We are awaiting the Book of George Sorrows she is writing which espoused the great beauties of the super rich

  5. We don’t care if Russia has a place in the G20. What we care is that Freeland and hes boss, should not have a place in any government.

  6. The Audacity of miss ‘Shut down their bank accounts’ talking about principles is f-ing rich. 😤

    1. She laughed, smiled and smirked with joy when they announced that. ‘Yep, we froze them! ahahahahha.’ Always remember that.

  7. freeland is allegedly involved in ceiminal activity in the Ukraine. she is also banned from entering Russia. research. this is a potential conflict of interest by her.

    1. Not allegedly. She is a long time supporter of Azov battalion – a far-right all-volunteer infantry military unit, ultra-nationalists.

  8. What does she know about principles ? Freezing peoples bank accounts because they made a donation to a cause she doesn’t support. She’s a disgrace to mankind

  9. So, and G20 listened to her? When Trudeau planing to fly to Europe again for instruction? … maybe not too soon, because they told him he is not welcome there

  10. Most hard to listen to person ever oh wait Justin Trudeau is right up there with her. She has to be unbiased as she is a Canadian

    1. Voice is the better window to the soul. I can’t listen to either of them for more than a few seconds.

  11. Trudeau doesn’t have a place to lecture anyone on having a free democracy either . Pot meet kettle

  12. Freeland was over in Ukraine before the war started protesting with a neonazi sign. She helped incite the war.

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