Freeland says Canadians need to follow public health advice to avoid another COVID-19 lockdown

Freeland says Canadians need to follow public health advice to avoid another COVID-19 lockdown 1


Deputy Prime Minister Freeland spoke to CTV News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme about Prime Minister Trudeau's address.


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55 Comments on "Freeland says Canadians need to follow public health advice to avoid another COVID-19 lockdown"

  1. Before I tolerate another lockdown, I need easy more convincing. It is not enough to just count the cases, we need to know about the true risk. So far about 80% of deaths are in long-term care facilities. 80% from a very small section of the population. I’m not a disbeliever, but don’t start threatening me with lockdowns when you’re not making the case.

  2. Liar

  3. No more lockdowns, speeches were a joke.

  4. She claps the syllables and speaks like it’s a kindergarten class…she needs to go away like now. No wonder no deals get done look who is trying to make them !

  5. What Canada needs is a finance minister with a background in economics and finance not a journalism major with mediocre writing skills.

  6. When you give into tyranny you will only get more tyranny.

    • @sleepCircle Exactly. That probably came from mom and dads basement.

    • @Elke Summer you really have no idea what tyranny is. you have never experienced it.

    • @sleepCircleWe have compelled speech laws, they are banning guns, and unprecedented corruption in government, how do you think it all begins?

    • @Jon K i have my doubts that the compelled speech law will last—the previous human rights tribunal law (instituted late-to-mid-2000s i think?) was completely repealed recently after it became clear that it was open for abuse.

      as for the gun thing, i will wait to see how that particular list resolves itself. there seems to be some contradiction in certain parts of the law which were probably due to sloppy or rushed work. i am not especially alarmed, but we’ll see—when the contradictions start causing internal (legal) friction—how this will be dealt with. at its most lenient interpretation, the gun law does not seem like it will be a problem for most gun-owning Canadians.

      the corruption isn’t great, but corruption itself is not even the end. it can be fixed. the thing about the corruption is that it has *come out.* it has been exposed. there are still mechanisms in place to deal with it. you have been tainted by too much paranoid american narrative.

    • @sleepCircle that’s okay, my grandfather’s getting shot in WW2 and spending 10 years in a ROMANIAN JAIL CELL is enough tyranny for ONE family thanks!

  7. “I’ll get you my pretty… And your little dog too!” – K. Freeland

  8. This reporting is pathetic. Freeland side steps every difficult question and the reporter doesn’t push back at all. “why is covid testing so delayed” and Freeland’s answer is covid is a menace… wtf

  9. The amount of unnecessary language in this is hilarious. “If we say more words itll sound more legit”.

  10. Uselessness. Pass on the authority to health officials. Easy to hide under covid. Embarassing

  11. The Government: “Do what we say or else”.
    Theyre not even pretending to care about citizens anymore. Their power grab is obvious.

    • LOL Wait until Trump turns around and throws them in gitmo.

    • The Government: By Karens, for Karens.

    • Do you really think we’re going to wake up in two years in a dictatorship? Get real, these are basic health measures in the most serious pandemic in a century. You have rights, but you also have responsibilities to your fellow Canadians. Please don’t kill my parents with your ignorance and pride.

    • Freeland isn’t the Drama teacher. Hasn’t had as much practice pretending. Doesn’t men she’s not as dumb as a rock.

    • @Strange Quark No, lock-downs were never even suggested before with SARs which was far more deadly. Unless there was bodies being stacked up in the streets, then that is no reason to break the constitution. We all care, but you can’t break someones constitutional rights unless everyones life is in danger. Covid kills 0.02% of infected. 5% even in the old.

  12. “we all have to reduce our social interactions” woke up in an orwellian nightmare, who are these commies

  13. Someone needs to remind the liberals that they were the ones who screwed the pouch at the start of this pandemic. This is all just compounding the insult to injury

  14. the lockdown is gonna happen no matter what. They need to bankrupt the other small businesses they haven’t destroyed yet. Canada either stands now, or become the next Australia soon.

  15. Seriously. Who doesn’t notice the effects of COVID and restrictions on a daily basis. Seriously?!?

  16. Krystia is like a sanctimonious, condescending deranged kindergarten teacher.

  17. Typical, she said alot but gave no real answers

  18. CERB is ending and Corona is restarting. What to do?

    • CERB shoulda ended months ago. My neighbour bought a new car with his wife’s CERB money, says she was laid off from a factory…funny thing was, i never noticed her ever going to work in the past 13 years.

  19. We need to respect the Governor General??? I was always taught respect is earned and she (and you) hav’t earned it.

  20. The GG should not be given any respect just like Trudeau.

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