#FreeRodneyReed: The Bipartisan Push To Prevent An Execution In Texas | All In | MSNBC

#FreeRodneyReed: The Bipartisan Push To Prevent An Execution In Texas | All In | MSNBC 1


The Innocence Project says there's new evidence in the Rodney Reed case and that his execution should be halted. Trymaine Lee reports. Aired on 11/12/19.
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#FreeRodneyReed: The Bipartisan Push To Prevent An Execution In Texas | All In | MSNBC

43 Comments on "#FreeRodneyReed: The Bipartisan Push To Prevent An Execution In Texas | All In | MSNBC"

  1. death penalty in your country has replaced lunching shame on you

  2. This is why they keep on making trump videos. Bc the view count is less then half for nontrump videos

  3. When there’s the kind of doubt that exists in this case, a conviction is meant to be quashed? He shouldn’t be in jail? Regardless of his past, there’s a real killer out there, and a, “reasonable doubt,” about this. There’s even another SUSPECT . . .

  4. The Mainstream Media Push To Prevent An Execution In Texas

    • you definitely a victim being fooled. this is enough proof you get your news from the real propaganda -fake – media….FOX NEWS….wake up you poor easily – FOOLED – PEOPLE..QUIT BEING COMPLETELY STUPID!…do you really like playing the FOOL? if you don’t then watch the media that has the audio and video REAL- FACTS which is only THE WICKED- ORANGE – COMMANDER- IN – DECEIT HIMSELF..ON VIDEO RUNNING HIS MOUTH WITH NO TRUTH EVER… the proof and truth to this is when the real news will always show him on video ALWAYS contradicting HIMSELF…the legitimate media will always have This amoral, self serving , DESTROYER of DEMOCRACY , in power of our COUNTRY ..Person on video CONTRADICTING EVERYTHING HE SAYS BY HIS SELF..and the true media will ALWAYS FACT CHECK THE REST AND COUNT THE LIES BY- THE- THOUSANDS! [ HERE’S SOME MORE REAL NEWS …..YOU WONT GET NONE THAT @ FOX & FAKE FRIENDS …Lol

    • fact are facts.. exonerate this man and then compensate him tenfold for wrongfully -convicting him!

    • @Brian Cassidy
      It worked out for the central park gangrapists, maybe he can get lucky too?

    • @BC You’re obviously an imbecile. Thanks for the laugh cupcake.

    • @Brian Cassidy Before we do that Rodney Reed’s going to have to come up with a better scenario of his last encounter with Stacey Stites.

  5. This is no different then supporting Jeff Epstein

  6. His saliva was found on her breast. That means this dindo was there when she died.

  7. Let him fry


  9. “For a crime he said he didn’t commit.” Oh well, if he “said” he didn’t do it, then he must be telling the truth. Have you ever heard of someone “saying” that they didn’t do something, and it turned out that he did it? Neither have I, Chris.

    • Ranid You’re right. Listen to the statement he made about the last time he saw Stacey Stites on April 22, 1996. It’s so beyond ridiculous that I can’t believe the liberal media haven’t done everything in their power to make sure that his statement erased from the internet.

  10. Mitchell klein | November 15, 2019 at 3:52 AM | Reply

    Why change it to a life sentence 🤦‍♂️ hey we’ve been keeping this monster alive for decades, let’s keep him alive on the taxpayers dime for more decades.

  11. n1gger stomper | November 15, 2019 at 2:25 PM | Reply

    I hope he is innocent. It will make the execution so much better.

  12. He fails to defend himself in court, so, he brought it somewhere else just to win it. Just listen to Trump, that’s the way criminals keep their innocence.

    • Doggie After I heard Rodney Reed’s statement of the last time he saw Stacey Stites, I refused to believe anything he has said since.

  13. If Rodney has to be executed, they most also excute James Holmes, Dylan Roof, Nicholas Cruz and all the other white men who are on death row.

  14. Fake news

  15. He got to go

  16. If there is a shred of compelling evidence that he is innocent, he should have every right to appeal and start the case back up with the evidence, to proof he is innocent.

    • Dizzy Duke Compelling to who? Morons on the internet? Activists who don’t like the death penalty?
      There’s more compelling evidence of his guilt that morons ignore.

  17. chakrafina casanova | November 16, 2019 at 3:15 PM | Reply

    Racism plays a big part I can’t blame the white family they don’t know what to believe because a cop told them what they should believe and you telling me her White boyfriend was a police officer of course it all makes sense now he did it they just wanted to cover it up and protect there own all this proof and people are going to just ignore it wow y’all some animals

  18. Please learn the FACTS on Reed on fb in Rodney Reed is Guilty.

  19. I do believe that his family believes the bulshit after lying to themselves for so many years I can’t wait til Wednesday God Bless Texas

  20. If nothing works at all they play the racism card.

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