French President Macron Slapped During Meet And Greet | MSNBC 1

French President Macron Slapped During Meet And Greet | MSNBC


French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face by a member of the public during a meet and greet in France.

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French President Macron Slapped During Meet And Greet | MSNBC


    1. @J K how about STOP watching the news and when somthing happens YOU be the judge of it. Hmm? Ever think about that sheepy ?

    1. PSP gf wants to see Paris
      Columbia es buena. ¿Has estado en venezuela? Utopía socialista jajaja.
      In all seriousness, for the people who suffer do to the political ideology in Central America the corprate media lies. 6 to 1 left bias in news on Telemundo.

    1. @Harold Moore The Sharona Cyrus came from bat soup
      *Pepperidge Farm remembers*
      Fao’Chi Chy-na gain of function research is exposed now.
      Anonymous is legion.
      Veritas is Truth.
      The insult you were looking for is
      *Stille Untermenschen*

    1. @J M yeah, I watched it on pirate sites, including some guy reflecting it off his sunglasses… That’s all you got?

    1. I live in France. The reaction that we have seen is very much in Macron’s favour. Of course, others will have their opinions.

    1. At least learn how to spell “Oui”…only three letters ffs! “Oui” means “yes” btw…”oui oui” is the same as “yeah yeah”. You’re welcome.

  1. Can we get that french men over on this side of the pond ? We got some politicians that need a good slapping.

    1. @Kvitka777 Because you need somebody to make fun of due to the petty insignificance of your own life.

  2. And she says…. ? The security team around him definitively need to do a little better ? Dumb comment if you ask me.

  3. Our PM in Canada years ago was attacked by someone on a walkabout and the PM slugged the guy, bloody funny.

  4. We need to do this to every politician on every level.
    I suggest a good ‘ol fashion tar and feathering.

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