Freshman Dem In GOP District On Her Decision To Support Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Ash Roskell
      Who are the people that are literally dying. That’s a bold statement to make without facts to back it up.

    2. Toxic Grunt : Good job I have those, “facts,” to back up my, “bold statement,” then. Isn’t it, Trump Troll? 🙂

    3. In my opinion if a country like Denmark needed America help to defend themselves in WW 2 they shouldn’t have Greenland.imagine if Russia invaded them.

    1. I think America should just take Greenland from Denmark.
      Denmark needs America help in defending themselves . So we should take Greenland…

  1. Anybody else notice that its mostly Black Afro Americans who are standing up to Trump & fighting for truth, freedom & justice?

    1. PJ
      Because Black people are easily fooled into supporting policies that are antithetical to their prosperity.

    1. I agree Obama was not a good president…imagine if we had Hillary with her finger on the nuclear button it would be a catastrophe..thank God we have Trump..I think we should just take Greenland from Denmark.. Denmark can’t defend themselves without Americans help so we should have Denmark

  2. Thank you for covering the Mueller Report. It hasn’t been mention by anybody in quite a while. I was getting worried that it’d been forgotten like so many other issues. Trump keeps causing problems so the current ones will go away. The media gets caught up in the newest BS every day and last week’s news (and anything bdfore) is shelved. Please keep us informed.

    1. there a reason why you don’t hear about the Mueller report there was nothing in it it was a partisan hack job.

    1. Elizabeth Ayers
      Are you impressed because she’s a Black woman??? Is that it, would you say that if she were White.

    2. @Toxic Grunt I would say the same thing as Elizabeth. I can see why the people in her district elected her. What is your point?

    3. @Toxic Grunt Yes, I would call anyone who was this articulated and focused articulated and focused. If it was possible I would describe even Donald Trump as such. But those are attributes that are totally absent from his disconected repetive rants. Being focused and articulated has nothing to do with race or gendre. If you have issues with colored women I think it’s time you looked past what you see and hate. Start listening to what people say and how they say it. While you are at it joining some kind of anti racism intervention therapy group would make you a happier person. Live long and prosper 🖖

    4. @JoAnne Middaugh
      My point is why is Elizabeth so impressed. I would hope most people in Congress would be articulate & focused. So why point that out with such amazement. Answer that.

    1. Naomi Ogle Muller is a Republican at HEART…..I WASN’T surprised he pretty much let the Orange ABOMINATION OFF the hook !!

    1. Warren Webber
      If what you say is true, then why haven’t the Dixiecrats done it. You know why, because the Dixiecrats have nothing to impeach the President for.

  3. It’s not like there’s a shortage of impeachable offenses to dump this con man. Just close your eyes and stick a pin in any of the 20 volumes.

  4. As a 67 year old Progressive gentleman I find it enormously encouraging that the most fearless, courageous and intelligent members of the House are young women.

    1. Woodrow Wilson was a progressive Democrat President. He showed “Birth of a Nation” in the White House in 1915. Wilson also started the Jim Crow & segregation laws in the government… So you’re like him, right…

  5. What has taken these people so long to realise that impeachment is warranted? Have they been asleep for the past two years?

  6. For the willfully ignorant who say that the whole Russia investigation was a hoax, please watch this video with the sound on this time. Then READ Volume 1 of the Mueller Report. This is the justice Trump has been obstructing for the last three years.

  7. This young, beautiful, intelligent, articulate congresswoman has made the case for impeachment. We must heed her words. I will try to find some way, even it the effort is small to support Congresswoman Lauren Underwood. Thank God for this young lady.

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