Friend Of Former Secret Service Agent Who Died Of Covid Shares Memories | MSNBC 1

Friend Of Former Secret Service Agent Who Died Of Covid Shares Memories | MSNBC


On today's edition of 'Lived Well Lived' Chris Cardinale, a longtime friend of former Secret Service agent and Federal Air Marshal Jeff Fox who died of Covid-19, speaks of his friend’s passions, loves, and strong commitment to protecting the United States

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  1. Sorry for this loss. Covid has been unfair and disproportionate, very tough for everybody. Try to learn from it and hope for better times ahead. RIP and thanks for his service.

    1. @Chris P. Bacon What lie? That you are a decent human being. Should have been you, dirt bag.

  2. Wow such an accomplished nice man gone too soon. His loved ones lost him in his prime and he too deserved a long life!! Please wear a mask.

  3. Gone never forgotten RIP I’m sorry his circle of people and dog are going through this

  4. A portrait of an ‘authentic’ American patriot! Thank you Nicole Wallace for sharing Jeff Fox’s story this way. And thank you Chris Cardinale for ‘humanizing’ Jeff and his family for us viewers – Verus amicus est tanquam alter idem [Latin meaning ‘A true friend is like another self’].

    1. Wow, “A true friend is like another self”. Very powerful. It’s tough especially when there are those who discount these loss of lives.

    2. @Dolores M Sadly, your last sentence is what happens when ‘politics’ muddles the picture, as what’s happened with this pandemic. I’ve watched Ms. Wallace’s ‘Lives Well Lived’ from day one; indeed, a bittersweet experience. This segment was different – more sweet then bitter…Chris Cardinale softened the rawness of such needless waste. Like so many others, Jeff Fox represents the loss of America’s REAL treasure – people and their greatness. Stay safe – be well.

  5. The hardest thing sometimes is to here somebody’s story but sometimes it makes you stronger because it in a way make you go home and forget about petty stuff because we just don’t know when we can’t hold someone else what a good life story my deepest condolences to all involved

  6. I did not know him and it moved me… because maybe his death was needless and did not have to happen had we had appropriate leadership.. this is what makes me so effing angry about the situation and I have mourned the American lives lost more than a few times. Thank you for this segment!

  7. I had the opportunity to meet Jeff twice in my former career. My memories are that he was such an amazing guy, and learning that he had lived in Taylorsville, while I was from Lenoir was also a pretty cool realization for both of us. We had some fun conversations about everything from favorite restaurants to annoying intersections.

    It’s heartbreaking that he was taken from us so soon. My thanks to him for his service to our country, and condolences to all of his family and friends.

  8. Thank you. For keeping it real. For putting faces and stories to the numbers too hard to fathom. It is so important to remember every one of these losses includes family, friends, and coworkers who are impacted.

  9. Condolences to his family and friends. Sounds like an extraordinary human being the world is better place because of him RIP.

  10. Thx for reporting on this ….good man… wishes to those who were closest to him…

  11. An exceptional human being whose life was tragically cut short. One of those quiet, unnoticed heroes and a real loss to the country. My condolences to his family.

  12. Thank you Nichole for doing these wonderful tributes to Those We Lost from Covid….Way to many of our Fellow Americans Died for No Real Good Reason

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