Frmr. Speaker Boehner Slammed in ‘Dear John’ Letter For New Book Calling Out GOP He Used To Condone 1

Frmr. Speaker Boehner Slammed in ‘Dear John’ Letter For New Book Calling Out GOP He Used To Condone


Former Speaker Boehner is called out for slamming the GOP in his new book, when he apparently condoned the party as leader and voted for Donald Trump, in a ‘Dear John’ letter penned by Tiffany Cross.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Frmr. Speaker Boehner Slammed in ‘Dear John’ Letter For New Book Calling Out GOP He Used To Condone


  1. Hannibal Lecter: Hahaha. And they call me a cannibal. Look how the Grand Old Pestilence is being devoured from the inside.

    1. How close cannibal and cannibus are, after all.

      At least we know now why Hannibal always had the munchies……

    1. @Judith Smith It’s an awesome book especially hearing Boehner read it to you on the audiobook & I haven’t finished listening to it yet. I have a subscription to audible & used one of my audible credits on it

  2. Notice how the GOP tools start growing backbones only when they no longer plan on having a political career.

  3. Beautifully referenced! Thank you for ringing the Memory Bell !!
    Snakes shed their skins but they’re still snakes.

    1. Well stated. The facts are the facts. The self promoting money grabbing xrepub house speaker,has lost all credibilty.

  4. This was so spot on to what I said to myself in my head.. Just not so perfectly stated to myself!! Get em Tiffany
    I guess his Merlot isn’t giving him the “buzz” he needs anymore so he’s on to packing his pockets faster with devils lettuce as he called it before, lol..

  5. “Smiling faces” Yes, Boehner was more openly polite, but almost as bad in practice. Then you got eaten by your own Frankenstein. Great piece, and I could not have said it better. Go Tiffanny! We need more Tiffanny.

  6. He’s the kid who gets all loud when someone gets knocked out in a fight, but forgets he got knocked out the week before.

  7. THANK YOU! I’m so sick of these politicians/enablers coming out when’s it convenient for their pockets. Acting like they weren’t just as or even more corrupt that the people they are “bashing”

    1. @Chico Dalianis it’s fine to change but he’s acting as though he has no responsibility for what has happened to the GOP and he does.

    2. @red light of course the pope made him cry, everything made him cry… that’s what happens when ur shitfaced by noon everyday

  8. Glad that someone is able to recall and present the facts of the case. Past cannot be REWRITTEN but atleast they can build the PATH TO FUTURE POLITICS AND POLICIES.

  9. Finally!! someone speaks about his past and how he worked to block so many changes that would help people.

    1. And let’s not forget how HE kowtowed to the tea party. A tea-bagger by any other name is still a MAGAt.

  10. Way to call him out, Ma’am. He’s just out to sell his bloody book. Your critique is spot on. Even Mika and Joe were WAY too soft on him. I salute you!

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