From Afghanistan To Covid, Biden Faces Most Turbulent Week In Office 1

From Afghanistan To Covid, Biden Faces Most Turbulent Week In Office


With plenty of criticism and chaos in Kabul along with a worsening Covid pandemic, Pres. Biden just experienced his most difficult week in office so far. NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss joins us to discuss.
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    1. @Donna Brown Funny how Democratic women only care about male sexual misconduct when it’s a Republican male.

  1. Yeah now people all cross the world is protesting because of Afghanistan the people have to deal with the Tilabans guys let pray for Afghanistan

  2. See we need to stand for Afghanistan people but also let show we are are about to as Americans I’m glad Biden is feeling it

  3. Biden asks OPEC to increase production and he shut down our pipeline? Pres.Trump had energy independance.

  4. His entire 8 months has been one disaster after the next. Between the border crisis, and now this, I think it’s safe to say anyone else would be on the chopping block by now. Biggest foreign relations disasters in American history. This Afghanistan withdrawal makes Saigon look orderly

    1. The fact that you ever did trust him is concerning. I’d be second guessing all decisions from now on. Never ever believe a politician “cares”. If they’ve convinced you that they care that means they successfully manipulated you. Never vote again. Society will thank you.

  5. He and his administration must go, they are telling the public what they want to tell and expecting people to ignore any reason, nothing but carpet baggers.

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