1. I do have a legit conspiracy theory though. I came up with it myself. 100% speculation based on facts.
      Here’s a list of things in no particular order.

      -Clinton admin’s CIA used Epstein to entrap oligarchs.
      -Rightwing media goes into overdrive blasting Clinton’s for BS rather than the truth because the truth implicates everyone.
      -Trump appointed former Epstein people to his cabinet, legal team, and campaign.
      -Trump tried to destroy and steal all documents that tied certain people to Epstein, including documents pertaining to himself and Putin.
      -Putin had Epstein assassinated.
      -Trump and Putin go way back.

      It’s like a soap opera. It’s kinda fun to think about.

    1. @Frank de Groot for the most part, true conspiracy theorists don’t believe in flat earth and won’t even entertain it.

    1. Not sure why the people don’t go to the Antarctica ice wall, or even further to the edge of the diamond where the 4 angels are and the bottom of the sky dome.

    2. Hard to leave mommys cozy basement when you have a game controller in one hand and swollen testicles in the other.

    3. You might want to check Admiral Richard E Byrd’s accounted of his trip to the North Pole and “South Pole”

  1. Well…this is based on a ”personal” conspiracy theory of mine, but here it goes… It’s because, not all humans are equally intelligent, nor are all humans equally capable of understanding all information they’re given, even if it’s put in simple terms. We’re all different even in the smallest nuanced ways, we can accept that mostly, but it seems taboo to mention if we’re all different by means of intelligence. It seems the only way that that’s accepted, is if you’re either medically confirmed as being either autistic, or have a learning disability. It seems to be taboo or ”out right rude” to think that not all humans are equally intelligent, despite genetic differences by each generation.

    1. @Free therapy “Bro, I’ve seen all the cgi images, it’s totally real.” -General public

    2. @Free therapy of course you warp what i said and put words in my mouth, gosh that would make you such a great therapist and i bet you have nothing of a right wing propagandist.

  2. Simple, people who are trying to take shortcuts to feel special and feel smart. They find a community who indulges in such delusions and it’s becomes their whole life to a point of a cult like behavior.

    1. @Ellis D. Trails so you’re just going to do a straw man? One is an action and another is a group? 🤦‍♂️ you’re not that smart.

    2. @Ellis D. Trails What’s the matter, can’t take honest criticism? OP didn’t ask for your opinion either, it’d be nice if you dropped the double standard. Seriously, I’ve not read something quite so hypocritical as your comments in a long while.

    3. A year ago saying that the Chinese virus (covid-19) was made in a lab in China was labeled as a conspiracy. Turned put that and many other conspiracies in were actually true. So the simple minds are the ones that blindly followed what the goverment and media tell them and can’t think for themselves

  3. Ms. Weill is correct…….. I’ve had science vids running and YouTube’s autoplay took me to flat-Earth crapola from Eric Dubay, who is also a Holocaust denier. Yikes. Shocking is was.

  4. I watch a lot of history videos and even though I only watch the genuine ones through and only subscribe to genuine ones I get offered more “ancient technology” or “ancient aliens” videos than actual history and archaeology.
    They need to somehow vet actually experts and allow us to look at the first and if we want to look at “alternative” videos we have to choose them.

    1. If you do searches on a lot of topics, YouTube consistently pushes conspiracies with few views over science with millions

    2. Soon most of the CNN hosts will be on those Ancient Alien shows, they all loved the republican conspiracies. Russiagate? 😂

    3. Well who would do the vetting? This opens up a whole other can of worms… And not a society that I want to live in, also intelligent people need flat earth videos to blow off steam.

    4. when i went to school, the main thing they taught us was how to determine what is truth
      every single class was based on this, but used different subjects to teach different aspects
      when i watch an ancient aliens show,
      i dont think “im not saying it was aliens… but it was aliens”
      i think “wow machu picchu was most likely not made by the incas. i wonder if well ever find out about the previous civilization”

    5. theres a poem “there are no forests left on earth”
      it mainly goes off the aspect of “living history” and the fact history is written by the victor
      living history are things in this world, that are alive, we can use to look back into history
      such as ppl or in the poems case trees

  5. People like to think that they know something everybody else doesn’t. So much so that they will avoid actually learning anything that would take that away. And they will pay people to tell them they are right.

    1. @Chaha yow
      WTF are you even talking about?
      The topic is flat earthers and conspiracy theories, lady. Try to stay focused.

    2. @Ellis D. Trails i know its never worked and led to 100 of millions dead….and pleas don’t say ” oh well they didn’t do it right ah duuuh”🤪

    3. @Jay Will Which God? Believing in fairy tales as a fully grown adult should be embarrassing. There is no such thing as a magical sky daddy, bucko. That is about as real as Santa Clause, and he’s just a story for kids. Spreading completely false or wrong information is a problem, and it’s up to all of us to call it out. The Earth is not flat, and only dumb people think that is true. MAGA = Nazi, comrade. Don’t get it twisted.

  6. The flat earther can crowd funding and send one of their representative to near orbit with help from spaceX.

  7. It would have been so much cheaper if that rocket-man flew on a jet over the Pacific Ocean. He would have discovered the world is indeed round and survived the ordeal.

    1. Greg… Unfortunately, the view from a commercial jet doesn’t show enough of a planetary curvature to convince these people.

    2. @Bruce Macmillan What is truly sad is, if you can get to a part of the earth that is really flat, like the ocean or Kansas, you can see that the earth does curve, as the horizon is not infinite. If you have the ability to reason, you don’t even need to be above the earth, to realize there is curvature.

    3. @Bruce Macmillan the unobstructed view on a crystal clear day over the ocean from 30,000 does show enough curvature to make it obvious. You’ll see islands or other objects appear from the horizon as well. Per the comment above you can deduce these things at sea level as well.

    4. They always have an excuse to explain air travel or anything that might disprove their “theory.” I see this a lot with other conspiracy-leaning notions. I tell folks I that, while it is entirely possible some conspiracy theories might be true, the burden of proof is exceedingly high – especially for any of them that require a multi-national coverup.

    5. Looking at a mountain range in the distance is easy to prove curvature of earth. So is sailing to horizon. It’s not about science, its about belief.

  8. I’m going to turn “Flat Earther” and then start a conspiracy within that that Earth is really a “Globe” 🤔

    1. The “birds aren’t real” guy got famous then said it was all a prank, he got book deals later🤷🏻

  9. Very informative and well done video. Next I want one of the billionaires to take some flat earthers into space and see what they think then.

    1. They would probably say that prior to launch they had been secretly given a drug that made them hallucinate so what they saw couldn’t possibly be true. I would have no problem taking these idiots to outer space but I do take issue with the fact that sadly we would have to bring them back again.

  10. As a scientifically educated person, I am just utterly fed up with arguing with idiots who’ve swallowed these BS conspiracy theories. The ‘Chemtrails’ one is terrifying for decent concerned folks with no discernment, and they live their lives in fear. My motivation is to free them from needless fear.
    Education is so important……

    1. @Account Choculitis do you stamp your foot at home when you don’t get your way?Two things you should probably know first, I didn’t say the speed of sound was considered a limit, I said some people believed it was impossible to go faster than, hence the term sound barrier. The second is I’m not American.

    2. @Bill Foster Buddy, you’re the one stamping your feet because your inability to comprehend what you read. Believe whatever you want, but we both know what you said and how it was said. I’ll believe whatever I want, but I want you to guess who’s more upset over the others beliefs. Get real, fruitcake

    3. @Bill Foster “Some people believed it was impossible.” -American fruitcake worried about others beliefs.

    4. @Account Choculitis There is no place in the science world for “belief” It either is, or isn’t. It’s provable, or it’s not. It’s fact, or theory. The Earth is not, has never been, and will never be flat. The Earth is an oblate spheroid, and that’s not up for debate. The sun is a star among trillions of others in a massively vast universe. You’re one salty little snowflake that can’t even provide an argument to support his nonsense.

  11. Conspiracy theories are meant to be taken as thought provoking entertainment not as truth.

    1. *The whole truth about the coronavirus. Watch the video you will be shocked* EVERYDAYS.CF
      _Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us_ 💗💗💗

  12. Youtube’s removal of the *_DISLIKE count_* has made it worse. It is harder to see scams and misinformation when you can’t see this valuable information.

  13. I had a friend who would laugh at flat earthers but absolutely believed in chem trails.

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