From Washington’s fight to the front lines in Ukraine

From Washington's fight to the front lines in Ukraine 1


Following the now infamous phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the US temporarily suspended nearly $400 million in military and security aid to Ukraine. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports from the front lines of Ukraine's war with Russia, where forces say the need for military aid is dire.

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  1. The Human consequence of Trump’s delaying much needed aid.

    • The Human consequence of Obama’s $5 Billion Coup.

    • lie= cnn is showing old video

    • @mike swiental – what’s sad is clarissa ward works with the baddest of the bad to help sell regime changes to the Amercian public. She worked with Bilal Abdul Kareem in Syria…he was propagating for jidhast there. He still there with on the ground news and still works with them. He helped her with her documentary and cut him out. Its like a movie where the bad guys are made to look like the good guys.

    • @Bryan Halstead —-> Another hateful Trumptard gets owned by a woman, logic and facts.

  2. Everyone, have a great week! Remember that there are people who care about you and no matter what you’ve been through, every day is a new opportunity to embrace the more positive aspects of life.

  3. tRump withholding aid and doesn’t even care people died because of it.

    • Downright Dutch | November 4, 2019 at 9:24 AM | Reply

      Sure, true. For you. And liars. The fake news media knows who the 👹 Schiff Anti-Trump leaker 🤪 Eric is — They just don’t want to report it because it will ruin their narrative in the ‘impeachment’ investigation. The Democrat media knows the truth will destroy them. ‘Impeach’, again “impeachimpeach”, again and again “impeachimpeachimpeach”: all fake‼️

    • @M M He is a thug and has always been a corrupt lowlife.

    • @Downright Dutch You and Rush Limbaugh love conspiracy theories. Btw, there is big difference between a whistleblower and a leaker. At this point, the whistleblower isn’t needed (but is still a hero) because of all the testimony so far.

    • @Bryan Halstead Tactic one – change the subject!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Donna Willams If Trump was Send them ain cash tanks and planes you would be bitching that Trump is a war monger so Stfu.

  4. Yep and we are removing the issue we don’t abandon allies. These republicans have become a stain on our national honor.

  5. CNN: In your description, please change where it says “U.S. withheld aid” to “president trump withheld aid.” We didn’t hold it back, the orange menace did it because he wanted to see who won the presidency in Ukraine. The rest is pretty evident.

  6. Irena Gross is a troll
    Don’t engage

  7. Isn’t it funny how fox news doesn’t have a global channel? That’s because they’re really fake news.

  8. Another ally betrayed by Trump.🤦‍♂️ The man is a thug.

  9. Trump loves Putin and is compromised by his debts to Russians

    • @mike swiental This isn’t about Obama. It’s about tRump withholding aid in order to obtain dirt on a political opponent in an upcoming election.

    • @Todd Jones fux entertainment channel spews lies for tRump. It’s for people like you.

    • @Basque Irishman If Russia is one of our best allies, we better build walls on the North border, South Border and on all of our coastlines because we truly under our useful idiot Trump created tons of significant enemies elsewhere so all we have left is Putin and Trump hugging and swaggering around.

    • @Todd Jones What did he mean by flexible? Flaccid? Limp? More presidential? Less hair spray?

    • Julie Gurley if that’s true why does trump send military aid to Russia’s enemy? Not even Obama ever did that Genius.

  10. This is equal to what The Don The Conman trump has done to the Kurds. Happy to leave a vacuum to Turkey, Syria, Iran and ISIS. The stable genius.

  11. ma,ma gee's gospel | November 4, 2019 at 1:24 AM | Reply

    There was a Quid Pro Quo Now Out the White House, Trump’s got to Go ! 🏛💰💰💰💵💸

  12. Both militaries were told to not say anything that could be political. They are afraid to speak the truth.

    • Andrey Mochichuk | November 4, 2019 at 1:52 AM | Reply

      Yeah, they wanted to say that Biden is the only reason of war and that they did not need any help in the first place.

    • lol yeah. The reporter-team was wise to show the ‘american political officers’ observing the soldiers.

  13. Like I’ve said before . “ how many more people are going to die because of trump ???”

    • Let’s grow Russell Bentley might be in trouble

    • Let’s grow : Once he’s Impeached and REMOVED, we can count up the dead. It will be a big number. And, to think, Russia was SO BROKE in 2016, that they were seriously going to pull out of there, AND the Middle East, because they just couldn’t afford to keep going. Trump made them rich again, by giving them all the Oil rich countries to run. The world would be a safer place now, if it wasn’t for Trump . . .

    • coojsta : Who?

    • Cisco Zerratano | November 4, 2019 at 8:13 AM | Reply

      Not one. We love Donald

  14. It’s funny how I never see fox on the frontline reporting on real news. All I see from fox is Hannity, tucker and Laura talking trash from behind their decks . Hmmmm 🤔 maybe because they’re not real news

  15. The world knows America is unreliable under the current administration , most are taking alternative measures and policies to wait out the removal of 45

  16. I was a soldier and they cannot say what they think. I also didn’t pay attention to politics but did realize when something went wrong. Just couldn’t speak of it outside fellow soldiers in the unit.

  17. Putin’s orders to his asset Trump: ‘find a pretext to not support Ukraine anymore, stay out of it and leave the rest to us’

    • @Blanca J. Christ What a load of crap. Idiot Trump withdraws the troops and aid from allies and sends them to business partners of his like Saudi Arabia. Not one single troop did return from Syria. They now protect Trumps private interests in Saudi Arabia.

    • Blanca J. Christ | November 4, 2019 at 7:26 AM | Reply

      @Michael Kahr to be honest, Trump’s cult followers will back him even if he was to killed a 5 yr black baby in the middle of Manhattan. There’s no helping Trump’s cult followers!

    • Deborah Freedman | November 4, 2019 at 8:48 AM | Reply

      @Akela DeWolf Name calling proves nothing. I thought you were pro-Israel. I just got back from Israel, and the people there are very, very upset with how Trump has abandoned the Kurds. His erratic action has given Iran, and the terrorists it supports, free-reign in Syria. By his betrayal of the Kurds, he has put Israel’s very existence in danger.

  18. Joe Walsh:

    ‘’Fox viewers are lied to every day, all day. They are being told Trump did nothing wrong and it’s all about Hillary and the deep state. The opinion hosts want to keep their shows so they keep on lying. This is dangerous.’’

  19. Ridin' With Biden | November 4, 2019 at 7:45 AM | Reply

    Ukraine military aid was intentionally delayed while Ukraine was under attack by Russia unless they made up dirt on Biden.
    This is a crystal clear example of abuse of power, and if you don’t see it as such you’re unworthy of public service, and clearly have little scope on foreign policy and the consequences. – Commonly known as Trump supporters.

  20. Lol never trust the Americans, they’ll just retreat

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