1. To be fair – he’s always shitting in them. That’s why he’s wearing them in the first place.

  1. How can you have a contract with trump when he always breaks then so this one with Gingrich should go the way of all the others.

    1. ‘Dad will be there but keep that between us for now.’ Emails reveal then VP Joe Biden DID meet with Hunter’s partners for dinner to introduce potential clients to his powerful father’ Daily Mail.

    2. Hi….. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and how come every time they
      play MY ‘POTUS’ song….

      ….everbody be singin’
      “HAIL TO THE ‘CHEAT’ ?”…..

    3. @Fred Garvin You really shouldn’t show your ignorance and stupidity in public you are embrassing yourself

    1. @Jeffery Mead Troll of Truth! “Truth Over Lies,” remember. CNN, let these people go!

    2. @J S m e l l e y I wasn’t trying to disrespect you by my comment but your come back was EPIC

  2. “Contract with America”? Maybe we should ask some sub-contractors how Trump goes with contracts?

    1. @Marla Hill
      Got yourself a little “TDS induced”
      S…T…D “flare up”
      goin’ on down there….

      “Ouch”, that’s gotta be
      painfully “itchy”….

    2. @Marla Hill
      I never said

  3. Newt Gingrich might want to stay away from him, it seems anyone who “teams up” with him faces criminal charges.

    1. @Jeff Libby See, you DO care… A lot apparently. Enough to try and get to know me better. Thanks for showing an interest, but no thanks. I have enough friends. As for your question about my current political affiliation, give me ONE good reason for sharing that information. Just one.

    2. @Jeff Libby – Tell me Jeff, how did you do YOUR fact checking? As they say, “feelings ain’t facts.” When the vast majority of the world’s news outlets (even the neutral ones, Reuters or AP) check and report the same facts and those facts disagree with the extreme right wing bullshit that you listen too, how on earth do you even imagine that everyone else around the world (except for Sky News) has conspired to prove you and the lying liar ex president wrong? Rant all you want. No educated, reasonable person believes your wishful thinking.

    3. @Jeff Libby – Sensationalism sells and that is why Fox is doing so well selling lies that outrage you.

  4. He has gone to great lengths to conceal his Taxes why?! He was practically forced to hand them over and now he says there is political motivation behind a tax case that is being brought against him for the very things he has been concealing LOL!

    1. @Luis Rosales what the hell does any of that have to do with the trump case. If you do something criminal and get caught you go to jail. Now what is you talking about

    2. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and I can now confirm that
      “The Ukraine” has
      “finally” called, to “congratulate”
      me, on my “strange” victory….

      I’m releasing their “funds”,
      next week……………..

    3. Hi….. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and how come every time they
      play MY ‘POTUS’ song….

      ….everbody be singin’
      “HAIL TO THE ‘CHEAT’ ?”…..…..

    4. @Rich624 we pay attention to what dumpty really does, not just listen to him lie and watch him golf.

    1. @BC Rat Bikes This coming from a loser that cried for 4 straight years and went outside and screamed at the sky for several minutes.

    2. @Tim Kozlowski These cartoon characters here at Childrens Nincompoop Network are terrified of growing up.
      Must be fear of work.
      Really, these kids using big words…big poopies… Don is the poopmeister…. big Don is the donnie is pooping his pants cause he left a big trail behind him.

      Then you have the quintessential fantasyland Mayor J Nagarya, spouting cereal box game tags.

      I know we want to understand and help build minds but these….

  5. The King of Liars doesn’t look like he’s going to come quietly. Time to do a Roger Stone style arrest of him and invite along every media channel and commentator for a blow by blow commentary

    1. @Hardcastle True that, Trump was doing it his entire presidency. Remember when one of his close Advisor’s was arrested he’d come out with “Don’t really know the guy” even though there’d be dozens of photos of them together

    2. @Christopher Crochet you mean Trump pardoning him after he’d been found guilty by a Trump appointed judge. I agree

    3. @Tim Kozlowski no, for all the crimes he committed before and during his presidency. Tax fraud, treason/sedition, being a pos, there’s heaps to pick from

    4. @Terri Kussart really? He built about 49 miles of new wall mate. He lost the international respect the USA used to have because he was such an ignorant buffoon and he made far more money breaking the emoluments clause than he would have been paid. He’s a loser mate and all you idiots crying “stolen election” are losers too

    1. Having him banned from Facebook and Twitter is another plus. I’m not on either one but I know it really pisses him off. What a whiner.

    2. @Strawberries Nd Crème He can’t even answer non scripted questions and you want me to mix it up. Jen Psaki would be circling back to that for eternity.

    3. @MrSnicker14 That’s the thing about Trump… he didn’t notice over a half million Americans died.

  6. I think because of this special grand jury that means they have lots of cases that are going to take lots of time against lots of people

    1. Trump isn’t going anywhere, just like the Russia hoax you were all sure Trump was going to jail. Turns out there was zero evidence and it was one big two year defamation against the President.

    2. why are the idiots so focused on Trump when he supposedly lost the election? Maybe because he didn’t lose and dems are scared.

  7. The frustration of a toddler finally told “no” who had been spoiled for 8 decades.

    1. @Marcy O’Kweef False. Murder rates are still down in cities like New York. Quit lying and crying that Cult45 got caught for his own crimin’.

  8. Gingrich!! that loser is the reason the repups are in the mess they’re in now. He started all this crap

    1. im sorry but republicans made their bed long before trump. This started with Nixon and then Regan and trickle down economics. The conservative party is now a religious terrorist organization lets just talk truth here please.

  9. Keep the charges coming! Finally a DOJ starting to drain the true swamp,bringing those to justice who’re corrupt criminals & were allowed to get away w/it under trump. Glad to see it’s happening&maybe will deter other trumpists from thinking they’ll get away w/similar crimes.

  10. Here’s a better question: what does the GOP do and/or become when it’s head is finally cut off…?

    1. Honestly, a couple might Epstein themselves, some will “not run for reelection,” and the rest will insist they never supported him.

  11. What’s the skinny on 45’s sister, who resigned Federal judiciary when family corp tax scams began to unravel? She would be a co-conspirator in concerted campaign of tax fraud and accounting fiction, as she had to sign off on what Weiselberg lorded over as tax shenanigans.

  12. Newt Gingrich? Lol, what’s he trying to do, be the next Rudy and get one last whiff of power at any cost before he’s six feet under?

    1. All the best lawyers are begging for the opportunity to represent Donald Trump, our best president ever.

  13. People need to remember how Gingrich cheated on his Wife while she lay in the hospital in serious condition. That’s the good old honest loving and caring Newt Gingrich pulling for criminal Trump.

    1. Reminds me of Clinton. Or what was the name of that one Presidential candidate that was cheating on his wife as she was dying from cancer. He was famous for saying “I feel your pain” or something like that.

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