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  1. Minimum, hummmmm hope it was above the minimum insurance that was required. Frankly speaking all the victims should demand all their money back. In these trying times people cannot afford to lose any money at all much less by theft

  2. I’m only putting certain amount of funds in one institution.
    Too many crooks are working in these financial institutions.

  3. It is alleged that Vaz approached the SSL boss to fund a construction project in Beverly Hills and that some of Bolt’s money was transferred to an account called J Holness.

  4. What insurance on funds, was any discussion held before now, isn’t it a fact that the monies were stolen. It seems that was deliberate not to discuss because of evil intentions. Damn thieves 🤥, not acceptable, no sir😢

  5. They are “required” to have insurance. The question is DO THEY HAVE INSURANCE? The taxi driver will get a million tickets and his car towed but these white collar choppaz are allowed to continue operating

  6. God know the fsc should dissolve, because there’s no way an asset management firm with billions of jmd under its portfolio should be the one to called in the fsc after the money done get Robbed. Quarterly audits should have raised some sort of red flags.

  7. In other words. ” i do not know but i doubt it”.
    Somewhat disappointed that he didn’t know what the name of the insurance is. Didn’t prepare for the most basic of a question.
    I wonder if an insurance company would want to pay out due to fraudelent activities

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