FTX spokesperson Kevin O’Leary grilled on crypto exchange collapse | USA TODAY


    1. you can’t he had nothing to do with the business… besides being paid spokes man but he was also an early investor that lost lots of money…

    1. Bc if proven money was bad Kevin has to return all his money back as a spoke person. He would have to give back 15mil plus carry a bad name

    2. Because Sam is in custody soon to be indicted to the U.S. If Kevin turns on him then Sam will turn on Kevin and reveal how much Kevin really knew about the scam.

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  2. Though it may be true that Binance put FTX out of business, it would only have been possible because of the actions (crimes) by SBF in the way the assets were handled. SBF put the company at risk and Binance was able to take advantage of that.

  3. I want my money back now!! I’m down $$$ in my market portfolio. Someone’s got to held accountable. I want it back!!

    1. Coz Sam is under custody ready to talk. Kevin is too smart to throw Sam under the bus knowing Sam has a lot on him. It’s possible Kevin knew it was a Ponzi Scheme and scammed thousands to get in on groundfloor.

  4. Kevin, Your actions and public promotion of this matter are blatantly crafted for your own self-interests. I’ll remind you that the prosecutor for the US attorneys general office request that anyone involved in any wrong doing in this matter come forward before they come see you.

  5. He is deflecting the scam away from SBF. Other than being a FTX competitor binance did nothing wrong. Kevin needs to be investigated as well because he probably got paid to defend him.

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  7. Now he wants regulation? Sounds like he’s trying to make Sam look like not a bad guy so he doesn’t rat on him

  8. FTX didn’t go out of business because of Binance, they went out business because the business itself was predicated on fraud.

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