Fuel poverty in the UK

Fuel poverty in the UK 1


The "Big Six" energy companies are meeting at Westminster to discuss what they can do to help people struggling to pay their bills.

The meeting comes as a charity warns more than half of people on fuel poverty are unaware of financial support that may be available to them. Harriet Hadfield reports.

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8 Comments on "Fuel poverty in the UK"

  1. serpentarius51 | December 6, 2016 at 5:04 AM | Reply

    Yeah, it’s called take care of your OWN people first, instead of handling
    out all those freebees to Somali immarats who are bleeding the country dry

  2. unskipable adverts PISS ME OFF

  3. turn2us is an awesome organisation.. they helped me out so much!

  4. Scotland…..the slums of Labour Unionist Party
    enjoy the past

  5. sorry but she has a 2 pictures, sofa, table and chairs and nice cloth’s

  6. Stacy Skywatch | December 6, 2016 at 10:00 AM | Reply

    why are we still sucking on oil coal and gas when the ruling elites are
    100p/c hiding free clean energy,, now they will lower the worlds population
    little by little and then bring out all their new toys and so on,, we see
    their new toys flying around up there helping out with their climate
    control agenda,, skynews=fake news= 666 just part of the creeping beast
    system and helping to enslave humanity,,all msm is fake its a false world
    cleverly created to blind the peoples minds from reality and to were they
    don’t know themselves or the truth of why they are here,,turned into
    mindless tv watching celebrity chasing debt slave zombies,,

  7. ebico is an awesome energy provider, people should shop around for cheaper
    tariffs from different British energy providers

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