FULL ADDRESS: U.S. President Biden on the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban 1

FULL ADDRESS: U.S. President Biden on the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban


U.S. President Joe Biden spoke to the American people after the Taliban rapidly retook Afghanistan, saying he stands behind the withdrawal.

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    1. He is more concerned with putting Americans taking selfies in prison for life then real terrorists slaughtering women children and men.

  1. Wow, his medications must be all balanced now and he talking normal. Tomorrow he may not even remember this speech.

  2. Didnt Biden literally just say a few days ago, that Taliban had no virtual forces to post a threat at all? And how is he using the excuse now that it would have to take him to send thousands more of American troops if he were to keep stationing in Afganistan post May 1 to fight Taliban??? Can’t even keep his own words straight?

    1. No, you’re just not understanding what he’s saying. Compared to the Afghan military, the Taliban had very little resources. But the Afghan military did not fight, so the Taliban won. If the Afghan military would not fight, the only way to stop the Taliban is to send the American military to do it.

    2. yea biden also said the taliban wouldn’t be able to take over Afghanistan. that aged well. worst president ever.

  3. I, for one, congratulate President Biden on his great achievement: reading the teleprompter for 20 straight minutes without gaffe.

    1. You’d have to be an extremely intelligent villain to be as bad as biden’s incompetence

      And let’s be clear, this isn’t biden, he truly is useless. This is Democrats, 100%

  4. The Afghan military & government are suffering from low self esteem. Time to call in Dr.Phil to help.

  5. Biden has a genius IQ. Joe Biden graduated with three degrees at the top of his class on a full scholarship ahahahahahahah

    1. George Bush: “The withdrawal is a mistake!” “Afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable!”

      jOe bIdEn: “LET EM DIE LET EM DIE

  6. I agree with Biden, but the withdrawal and the immense waste of resources is honestly such a shame

  7. I hope he sent himself a copy of that NO SAFETY letter as well as al the other commies in OUR HOUSE!!!!

  8. How many times do I have to bring my hand to my forehead..firmly bring it down over my face in utter disgrace today.???

  9. When Obama pulled troops out of Iraq , ISIS was formed. Let’s see what will happen when troops are pulled out of Afghanistan.

  10. We need to get him out of power he doesn’t know what he’s doing and needs to be in a nursing home

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