Full Face to Face Classes Resumes in Jamaica | TVJ News – Mar 7 2022

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  1. Tears came to my eyes for the little boy who haven’t been to no school for 2 years oh my so sad, but I’m happy he was able to return and I’m so happy for the other children who felt good to be back it’s a joy.

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  4. tvj unuh wicked to rahtid why show the man with only 2 teeth ina him mouth as the thumbnail

  5. And the little money way dem give for part money can belly do any thing for the children that or an part

  6. Wear one uniform for the week. Please lets shed the oppressive mentality. Too many kids struggle and deny education because of the uniform system.

  7. With all that’s going on its still a shame on how the governments of jamaica deal with the country they can drive all the big brands name cars like in the biggest houses lots of poor people money spending sending their children’s overseas to go schools and colleges but yet the infrastructure roads and buildings are a run down but yet them boasting about having all most everything that’s in America. Sad that the people if jamaica have no government to govern them when other countries like when their countries look good clean and nice the ones in the suit and ties who tell lies only care about themselves their families and friends where they live and surrounding and the tourist industry nothing else

  8. We told them this would happen the younger generation paid an high unfair price of the covid protocols

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