1. It is government repsonse to worse then usual flu season and the inability of these clowns. Both these goofs are insufferable.

    2. I’m not even going to bother watching this tug-fest. I know what this insufferable clown is all about, seeing him in action for 6 years and all.

  1. I’m passed the point of caring what he has to say, his government has made it clear that they’re passed the point of hearing what we have to say, so expect reciprocation.

  2. The housing crisis is not just about buying houses, it’s also about the rental market and availability. We sure do need a range of solutions for housing. I’d like to see land set aside for tiny homes.

    1. mark demell not how that works. your attitude is pride bro. all humans have the option to repent whenever they want, no matter who they are or what they’ve done, that is the beauty of it, and it includes all humans on earth as well as joe biden, justin, putin, xi jinping, or amyone, and that is what we all need to be praying for

    2. You can buy land and put a tiny home on it. Why does it need to be set aside for that purpose? Besides, Trudeau doesn’t want tiny homes. With the amount of Canadian money he funnels to friends, family, and overseas vanity projects he needs the tax income big expensive homes provide.

    1. He is that guy that shakes your hand while his other hand is behind his back with a knife. He will have to answer to YAHUSHUA {Jesus} one day soon ! HalleluYAH !

    2. Exactly! He also has the backs of the welfare/CERB collectors not the working class- we pay for them!😡👎🏻🥊

  3. Also why are there Omicron book available on Amazon if this is just a new variant? 🤔 didn’t know a person could get a book written that fast

    1. South Africa annouces a new variant on Nov 24th, the WHO names it “Omicron” variant on November 26th, and AMAZON has 30 books on Omicron variant published between the dates of November 27th- Dec 2nd. 🤔

    2. If ppl wake up they will realize covid 19 was planned…everything was ready for lockdown since March 2020….ppl just don’t question hence they allow themselves to be fooled

  4. Once again, Justin Trudeau talks in generalities without giving specifics about anything. If he says “we will have their backs” one more time… Evan nailed it when he talked about the fact that the Liberals have touted jobs have been recovered 106% pre-pandemic and the economy is bouncing back, so “why the need to continue monstrous spending”? Trudeau immediately criticized the Conservatives and then gave a vague nothing answer. How can someone support this guy?

  5. Persons with disabilities need more help than the ONE TIME $600 we got in fall 2020. Inflation and the on going costs are making surviving very difficult.

  6. I think if he was gone, covid would be a thing but at least inflation would be taken care of instead of worsen.

  7. He should have asked about the assault on David Menzies by his security detail for nothing. But then Evan would have lost his job. He’s a despot.

  8. He said “we” he means “I”, it’s no longer we. When is this gonna end, his answer is not we don’t know, he means, “never.” Didn’t he said “Own nothing and you’ll be happy”- remember?

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