Full KC Mayor: ‘Frustrating’ To Hear Trump Attack Mayors | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Fascists long for unity and a homogeneous people. They accomplish “unity” by redefining who is part of “the people” and who isn’t. More and more groups are singled out as “enemies of the people” and the state until the whole remaining country is united behind the leader who embodies the will of the people and the power of the state (Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer – one people, one Reich, one Fuhrer). This homogeneity and enforced unity represents strength and greatness to fascists. So when groups who do not fall in line are singled out and suppressed, the country is moving closer to what fascists consider “great”. And this is exactly what we are seeing.

    2. @Megadog maybe trump needs to call off the dogs he’s hired to do the burning and looting. Blm isn’t part of it….these are trump trash.

    1. @Fritter Foof There is actually a video of one of Trump/Epstein’s underage victims here on YouTube, describing her ordeal at the hands of Donald Trump.

    2. William H Music 2020 Sooo…what’s your point? That has nothing to do with anything we’re talking about. OH DEFLECTION…OK🙄

  1. Their cartoonish clown show would almost be amusing were it not deadly and illegal and immoral. Other than that, it would be funny.

    1. If he could only learn how to read, it wouldn’t be so painful to listen to his lies. Whoever is writing his scripts is as misinformed as he is.

  2. Ethics in this particular incarnation of the GOP was never a primary concern. As soon as upper echelon Republicans realized Trump was giving them a green light to ditch principle, practice and integrity, they quickly flung their troublesome virtues into the dust and dutifully flocked to the mantle of malfeasance…[aka Trump’s hem.]

  3. Dirty Don’s comments
    Made the pandemic worse
    Made the protests worse

    1. Yes, but its not he its They: Barr = corrrupted Judicial, Mitch = corrupted legislative, and HE the executive branch….. and then autocracy is never far. All fuses are out next step, call the pentagon.

    2. @Bud Moore Yup but it allready started after 911. The Homeland security created then is causing the trouble today. Hitler did the same thing with his “notstandsgesetze” and Mitch and Barr were there then and are in action today… a long plan… and “Transition to greatness” was the callsign man…. someone better call the pentagon fast.

    3. Welp! If it look like a duck, walk like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s an Obese Orange Donald Duck. 😁

    4. John Coleman It has already started. The entire nation should be out on the streets. He is trying to take away democracy. He knows that if he loses he will finish in jail.

    1. Yes, in the meantime he’s sending troops to the India Chinese Border and supporting Japan as well by “protecting” the region. He’ll start a war before he’ll be forced out of Office.

  4. He lost control of the cornea virus, so mr Bully must show he still has control…he never ever cared for anyone killed or kids, but now he is? Oh but he’s sending them to school, hypocrite!!!

  5. and mayors are elected by a majority of votes unlike the current occupant of the WH with the majority Electoral College and minority popular vote!

  6. if you want to stop shootings begin by stopping the flow of illegal guns into the cities.

    1. Lawrence Sullivan ….How about a crackdown on the availability of currently legal guns and the insanely easy manner by which people can purchase them over the counter??

  7. Just like he accused the Democrats of running a coupe, the Republican Coupe is right in front of our eyes.

    1. @Todd Morningstar he is still on in Mississippi, I am not sure what you’re referring to. But by all means post something you think he said is racist.

    2. Ragnar Lothbrok trump ordered hospitals to send all cases and death Numbers to him. Not to the CDC anymore so he can manipulate data. Everyone back to work, get sick and die. We are his Disposable Slaves!!!

    3. You can’t say he’s not telling us what is going on. first he sends in his hooligans and then he solves the “problem” by sending Militia. It’s living in a Dictatorship

  8. He’s trying to make it look like he’s coming in to restore law and order, to play into his fictional world, and he’s trying to deflect attention from his massive failures on covid

    1. They are not assaulting police officers rioting in the streets burning buildings down and killing people though that’s a crazy left & the gang members doing this.. so what reason should they be in jail

  9. *He’s Never held a position in public office until now, and he wants to push mayors, governors, military Generals around, the gall of this imbecile …*

    1. For clarity, I am NOT a Republican! That said, he is still trashing the Constitution AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT!.

    2. As Dictators do……this was his plan from day one. He follows Putin’s order to the letter. He’s a mentally deranged psychopath


  10. Trump’s Tactic:
    When you know that you’re losing an election, create a ‘Boogyman’. Then dive into narcissism and masquerade as the ‘Savior of Law & Order’. How pathological!

    1. @Young God Trump’s UNSOLICITED deployment of a federal unmarked military force for apprehending peaceful protesters in unmarked vehicles….. a 1st Amendment violation for starters. The start of an authoritarian regime, initiated to provoke civil unrest. Deliberately overstepping and abusing the power of his office. Why do you think Trump isn’t doing this in conjunction with State and Local government?

    2. He is creating a war against Americans. If he really wanted to be a hero, he would come down on Putin for paying bounties on our soldiers. This is a coward creating a made up distraction. He started in Portland because he doesn’t need their electoral votes to win. He also wants to distract from the mistake he made pushing Texas, Arizona, and Florida into opening too soon. We don’t forget Trump. Sending out your personal SS Police against Americans only confirms that you are trying to destroy America not build it.

    3. Kim Coates Trump thinks all Americans are as dumb as his base. He is a deadly threat to democracy.

    4. @Yolanda Denny I totally agree with you. Trump’s goal is to distract, divide and stay in office, no matter how many laws he breaks. Republicans have created this monster & he’s taking all of them down with him.

    5. @lesley wall Trump’s most deadly threat is yet to come because it involves our nations children. Just as he opened States too soon, which now is backfiring, he and Betsy DeVos are returning children to classrooms without 1st insuring their safety. Data doesn’t lie. 31 states are now out of control with increasing viral cases. If children go back into actual classrooms, this won’t end well for them or their families.

  11. Martial law in Dem states and cities. Trump’s “innovative” plan to suppress voters and elections.

  12. “Trump’s and Bill Barr ” Deep state: send right wingers to loot and vandalise, give the Democrats the blame, than send fed troops to molest protesters

    1. Kaleb1057 You have nailed it. Nobody can stand by at this moment in time. Silence is compliance.

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