Full Retired Gen. Zinni: 'Where Are Our Veterans In Congress?' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Full Retired Gen. Zinni: ‘Where Are Our Veterans In Congress?’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Chuck Todd sits down with General Anthony Zinni (Ret.) for a one-on-one interview. Aired on 09/10/2020.
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Full Retired Gen. Zinni: 'Where Are Our Veterans In Congress?' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Thank you, General Zinni. Your honor and courage are admirable. My late husband, a retired Lt. Col., would thank you, also.

    1. @Paulina Bear America you need to vote for Congress and senate too to give a power to Democrats to do their job well with out distraction of Mich and Lindsey

    2. Did not meet your husband when i served n thankful for it if having a real president would up set him glad hes dead must have been a commie

    3. @Phillip Wood The weight of the hatred you carry must be overwhelming. You have my sympathy for the suffering it causes you and those around you.

    4. God Bless your husband And my condolence for your loss of a TRUE PATRIOT
      Lt. Col. HARRINGTON will not be forgotten for his Service & his Sacrifice to this Country.

      Thank you for sharing your story & May God Bless you & your Family.
      I feel your pain & your husband is looking down from Heaven up above – your Love shows for each other. God Bless You.

    1. @Kelley Towle he is the greatest president the US ever had, he is the best thing that can happen to the US, we need to make sure that the commies are beaten down in our streets and President Trump is the only one who can lead us in our fight for freedom..!

    2. A football player kneels and he is unpatriotic. A president calls fallen soldiers loosers and suckers and not only is he patriotic, but he is their savior. And thats american?

    3. Again implies we were duped before. I’d like to think most of us weren’t that stupid. Every election is a lesser of two evils choice. He would lose that coin flip if his opponent was Satan.

    4. Turns out as far as the flag waiving right going. Xenophobia Trumps their Patriotism that was always just “Skin Deep”

    1. @Tamayo1980

      Oops – You forgot you were trying to pass yourself off as somebody who supposedly cares about our military…

    2. @Tamayo1980

      Biden’s family never served either (unless you count his daddy arranging for him to get a cushy assignment as one of the rare legal positions WHICH HE DIDN’T KEEP FOR LONG BECAUSE OF HIS COCAINE ADDICTION.

      Btw, what percentage of your family members have served?
      I can count 100% of my brothers, 60% of my sisters, 50% of my parents, plus about 5-10 % of my cousins and nephews.

      Ah… but you already admitted you don’t care about my family members who served, right?
      You’re just posting here to PRETEND you care about military personnel.

    3. @JustJ WhoIsAsking I ask you how many trump family serve and you punt… Lol.. Sure Bidens kid served, very sure of that.. I served as a 0331 in the Marines from 4/2001 thru 5/2005. When did you serve? Three of my sister served ( 2 navy 1 Air force) and my youngest brothers (twins) going through OCS… Wonder if any of yah family members suffered any “mild headaches”


    2. Trump should be forced to be confronted by all the great Generals speaking out- and NOT allowed to speak/try to worm his way out of it.

    3. Well that would be awfully difficult for Zinni to have to talk down that far to the orange toddler! Best way to converse with trump is with a large caliber weapon.

  2. I find coverage on this subject so disgusting and depressing that I often have to not watch it. It nearly brings me to tears. And I’m not even an American.

    1. Hello John! I just want uou to know how very very much we appreciate your heart & empathy. Im over 50. Ive never lived anywhere except America and I do not recognize my country these last 4yrs. Whenever Id watch this sort of thing happening in say. Iraq or one of the ‘stan’s, I’d think, “how could all those 1000’s/millions be on the side of that awful monster of a “leader”, that would NEVER happen here!”. Sigh..smh. anyway…thank you again!

    2. @Terri Baird I’m also not American, and watching from UK, with genuine fear that trump will somehow swing it. Stay strong, and use your vote. It’s the most powerful weapon you have.
      I was listening to a man talking on the radio the other day, saying that it could take a fair while to count all the votes in, rather different to here, when it’s usually decided in 24 hours. Small country, mostly very close together, which makes a difference. There’s a lot of people here that can’t stand trump either! Good luck to all of you who miss concepts like honest and fair political leadership.

    1. @möchtegern däne trump is the most cowardly eunuch on the planet! He’s painted orange to cover up the bright yellow. He couldn’t even spell “courageous” and neither can you.

  3. Because of Money and Power the GOP is allowing this to happen in America. These congressmen should be removed from office, FIRED for not upholding the constitution and the rule of law.

    1. I beg your pardon, these Congressmen their hands are tied. Why ? Because of the masses that loves Trump, these are his powerful weapons. Nevada Government trying to stop Trump rally ,but they were not able to do it because of the people .

    2. @Millie Perkins….no excuse for the congressmen to not speak out when something is wrong. “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”.

  4. As a Retired 20 + year Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Trump is NO Leader and is a danger to the United States of America.

    1. Yes….. I concur with you my brother in arms….. I am also a retired Senior NCO ……. If one of my subordinates in a leadership position behaved in that manner…… I would lead the charge to drum him or her out of the Army …….. For me…. It would be For The Good of the Army !!!! Also….. It’s so insulting that the president who is a draft dodger gets to be commander in chief …….. That’s just so wrong !!!!!

    2. @Yaady Thommo Thank you. Thank you both. Thanks also to your country and for those of your countrymen who served along side of you in defense of the freedom and peace of the world since 1914.

      I am British. Our Queen is our Commander in Chief in formal terms. Though she commands no divisions.her influence is pervasive and her example vital in detail. She is expected to be the living embodiment of our code – which like our constitution is partly unwritten.

      Queen Elizabeth II will probably be the longest serving CIC in the world. And if anyone can empathise with Mr. Trump it would be her.If snyone could guard their tongue it would be her.

      I am an imaginative man. A civilian. It is my way.

      As a test of reality when I attempt to imagine those words, Sucker , Loser from the Queen – I cannot do it. My mind revolts at the prospect.

      As a test of practicality if I imagine the Queen being handed those words to accompany some grand speech or other “What silly b*****r wrote this? No!” is the only private, unspoken response I can imagine.

      By such means I hope to persuade you that you are not only correct but also demonstrably correct.

      your civilian ally

      A Brit

  5. Republican veterans, especially those serving in Congress, are proving that they care more about protecting their positions and their dear orange leader than they do about their fellow service members. Sad, sad, thing, but totally in character for Republicans.

    1. After the handcuffs and the trial and the guilty verdict, he will need a blindfold… before we instruct the firing squad to execute the orange menace for his treason.

    2. as a non american i really cant understand why donnie didnt already go the same way lincoln and kennedy went. problem would be solved.

    3. @Wipe out the fascist states of murica well because his followers are the type that would assassinate a leader, so he’s safe there. Although he needs to be eradicated with extreme prejudice, the sane, rational people just aren’t that low.

  6. Why is trump still eligible to run for the office. Republicans in the Senate had the opportunity to get rid of the traitor and wouldn’t do it. They all
    Need to go. VOTE BLUE. Biden and HARRIS 2020 for decency, honesty, and our democracy.

    1. @Millie Perkins Well, not exactly. They did impeach him. He will go down in history as an impeached president.. Future people will study the publically available tapes and transcripts of all those House Intelligence Committee hearings with non-partisan witnesses like Yovanovich , Vindman and Hill., and judge Trump and his Administration accordingly. They will also judge Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans for blatantly ignoring and defying their oath to the Constitution. Their job was to vote for or against conviction and removal, based on evidence and witness testimory. They chose not to look at any evidence or hear from any witnesses, but merely vote based on party loyalty. Rhetorical question: What if it had been Obama, and a Senate Democrat majority has decided to refuse to consider any evidence of witness testimory?

  7. “Full Retired Gen. Zinni: ‘Where Are Our Veterans In Congress?.”
    Staying cowardly low, afraid to lose their well paid job in government.

    1. Sorry to say, its made up of draft dodgers just like Trump! So is Wall street! Money over Country! Every country has them!

  8. Sir, the “silence“ from Republicans on Trump’s corruption is indeed “deadening”, but also “deafening”.

    1. @Alvaro Fortunato Samayoa Nah, they are not intimidated by his generals. They are not Trump’s Generals… The Republicans are feeling not so good either. But what can they do? Best way is to turn their back to Trump, but then the GOP gets a blow.

    2. @MP Thingy
      Military personnel and officers should spread the word that Trump considers them “losers” and that Trump does not have their backs!
      BIDEN/HARRIS 2020

    3. More good people from here need to harden up and take their comments to the likes of the Fox News comment sections.
      It’s too easy to stay in this echo chamber now go make some noise in the Trump supporters echo chambers.

      Don’t get angry with them, or call names, just keep pointing out the lies and treason.

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