Full Rhodes: President Trump Is An Embarrassment On The World Stage | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Full Rhodes: President Trump Is An Embarrassment On The World Stage | MTP Daily | MSNBC


"The kind of nationalist and authoritarian politics that Trump promotes at home, that’s what these leaders are doing abroad,” former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes says.
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Full Rhodes: President Trump Is An Embarrassment On The World Stage | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. It takes 60-90 seconds to warm up chopper engines. Slightly longer with 2 engines. One of Trump’s weirdest affectations is his Chopper Talk pressors?

    1. @mary jones Yeppers! Works both ways… “I can’t hear your question” -and- “You didn’t hear my answer right.”

    2. @Suzy Q and he uses it to full advantage. i had to laugh when he was in england and they asked him that question. he kept pretending that he couldn’t hear it but there were no choppers, lol. ms may finally had to tell him what they were talking about, to explain it quickly, lol.

    3. Even though the chopper is a distraction, trump still is noisier and his rhetoric competes quite well over the chopper for his base.

    1. A 50 IQ is not realistic; however, I’d be shocked if he tested higher than the low 90’s. Compare that to past presidents and, well, it becomes pretty clear why the stupids that voted for him can relate to him. There’s always been an anti-intellectual attitude in America that is fueled by those who could never hope to understand the intricacies of our political system and the world at large and, therefore, find resonance in the Orange Head’s ridiculousness.

    1. Ralph Colerick but he is not suffering from dementia, he is one stupid ignorant racist imbecile and pathological liar. he is definitely a narcissistic misogynistic sociopath as well, boy trumpanzee belongs in prison, not a sanatorium.

    2. @Grace Munich Hey, Grace, if anyone needs therapy and the comfort of an institution it’s you. What a hate-filled post.

  2. Don’t let that sicko do anything, he’s done enough damage to this country.yes mind your own bussiness

    1. @stuckintheruff you are delusional or ignorant something gots to be wrong with you if you can’t see the state America is in because of Trump and there is no one trying to get into the USA you just told a bold face lie thinking everyone one is as out of touch as yourself JUST DUMB!

    2. Nooooo, the laughs have all been AT YOU LOSERS since 2016, LOL. and great ones they have been. can’t wait for the last laugh come 2020, some of you (hopefully) might commit suicide, now that is REAL winning If so, LOL

    3. Sue Tam Not true. There are other countries in Eastern Europe who are taking a hard line stance on immigration just like Trump. They are all watching. I love the deputy prime minister of Italy too.

  3. Putin’s plan is Manson’s plan. Rise up against fellow man. Grab what you can, when you can, until you cease to exist.

  4. Trump may be many things – evil, benighted, liar, deplorable, bully, racist, violent, sinful, embarrassment to humanity – but one quality he tends not to possess is intelligence.

  5. Yes, Trump is an embarrassment on the world stage and water is wet, ice is cold and fire is hot. What did people expect from a man with such a history of failures, scandals and lies as Trump has? Surely no one believed the Evangelicals when they said Trump was born again? Whether he’s “born again” as they understand is very doubtful but one thing’s for sure. He has not had a reboot or a virus scan. He’s mentally and morally fragmented, he’s infected and he will never change in this life.

    1. From the perspective of someone in another country. I completely agree with you. Trump makes 43 look fantastic. Who would have known that it was possible back then.

    1. Barry Keys : The last half of that sentence is Trump’s Family Motto, isn’t it? After, “Always get Revenge,” I mean . . .

  6. Please keep Trump from commenting on the India and Pakistan situation. Trump will just make the situation worse and screw things up.

    1. @Suzanne Reiser and he will continue with “they’re doing a lot of good things there by good people. I think it’s good that they can do good things. There’s a lot of good possibilities because I know they want things to be good.”

    2. Veracity North Who care about India and Pakistan? Those terrorist ridden shitholes will always be at the bottom.

    1. Ellie MM
      Oh you are so right about that… not only is he an international laugh fest but a national one as well.
      To quote a Londoner “he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honor and no grace”…
      “His mind is a simple bot-like algorithm of petty prejudices and knee-jerk nastiness. There is never any under-layer of irony, complexity, nuance or depth.”

  7. i’ve always said racism should be considered treason!
    what better “aid and comfort” can anyone one provide than tearing us apart from the inside?

    1. Greg, go and sit on the couch and some of your progressive minders will give you a sucker. Why are such stupid people on here?

  8. And they call this “news?” This headline should be History channel content! We know. We knew it literally years ago!


    1. Heard they don’t teach history in the USA, part of the the strategy to keep the population dumbed down and compliant.

    2. Robert Wussah we don’t have a dictator. That would be the Middle East, China, Russia, Venezuela and those other SHITHOLE countries. We’re good here. But, continue….

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