1. I’m a Liberal and can’t, for the life of me, understand how the Liberals chose this guy knowing how creepy he is. Dear lord lol

  2. If we were voting for ‘Who looks the most like a James Bond Villain?’ than Stephen Del Duca would win hands down. Fortunately we are not voting for that and he will not win.

    1. Lmao…no kidding…he looks a lot like Daddy Warbucks too…my drunken Uncle has a better chance than this guy.🤣

  3. DeLuca and Wynne sold Hydro One. No way you are going my vote. You are also using the federal catch phrase. We will have your back.

  4. No thanks, I’m still smarting financially from the last liberal government in Ontario.

  5. Who is going to pay to subsidize the transit when they go broke from buck a ride? I dont want my tax money going to that. There much more pressing issues then transit right now.

  6. $300 per month saved? HA!
    I don’t think there’s any transit pass option that costs that much anywhere in the province.
    Sorry buddy, your math doesn’t add up.

  7. He taking a page outta Ford’s buck a beer book? Come on, give me a little more creativity than that!

  8. Yeah buck a ride sounds great until municipal transit cuts drivers and makes wait times longer. Are you running for premier or to be minister of transportation again?!

  9. I’m paying a buck 85 for gas cause of your federal lunatic and now you want me to pay even more tax to subsidize transit. When does this drain the middle class ever end!

  10. Transit?!!? That is the issue he is running on?!!? Average house in Toronto is (i am guessing) $950,000 and rent is likely 2k average.
    saving like $30 a month on transit is a drop in the bucket and is frankly quite insulting.

  11. 40 dollars a month for 3 months then 2 and 3/4 years of blowing out your bank account

  12. I don’t like temporary plans just to get our vote.
    I will never need or use it, but if you’re going to do a buck a ride, do it all the way. Perhaps allow small incremental increases of a dime a year or every two years.
    None of this ‘until January 2024’ crap.

  13. Hydro one sold to….. which of the family silver will you sell next….to friends I imagine

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