1. For stable Europe Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, ChekSlovakia, EastGermany, Romania, Bulgaria they should be all green zone no NATO or Russia Okay!!!

    1. @Mirklok it’s like a place that Russia can anexionate gradually without issues… Or a beergarden for Putin’s holidays… Who knows…

    2. @Dustin Brandt Dass Deutschland wie jedes Land einen Osten hat, bezweifelt ja niemand. Das meinte er aber nicht.

  2. why is this news? didn’t they inform russia about six months ago that they will be doing this exact thing so to give the russians ample of time to prepare for it and thus annul its effects?

  3. There is no need to display dislike numbers when at this moment the endorsement ratio is at a dismal 0.808 percent .The controllers are at the point where the thumbs up numbers will be hidden as well and for that matter why not eliminate the amount of veiws simultaneously . Unfortunately I’m unable to determine whether the thumbs down surpasses its counterpart , however I know for sure there was at least one cast so its close statistically nonetheless , lol . “Walk away Joe”

  4. Is it just me or do they all look like game show hosts! Biden is reading the Teleprompter with very little articulation and clarity. What is going on in this world?!

  5. I hope a day to laugh at USA under sanctions for things like destroy iraq for the unique intent of contracting new petrol contracts…. At least Putin are clear, and fair. He call every part to sit down and talk, and he didnt change a single word or intention from day one!

  6. “I have condemned any organizer of war, regardless of his rank or nationality.”
    — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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