1. This is what they said in BC right before they extended the lockdowns. Prepare for the worst Ontario, these fisherman have you hooked and don’t think you’re escaping without a massive fight

  2. In mass formation, periods of anxiety are followed by periods of relief, and this continues indefinitely until the population’s will is undermined

    1. @Riker Davis Active cases peaked in Toronto on Jan. 3rd; for the province as a whole, the active case count peaked on Jan. 9th. (Note these are the actual dates; the reported dates are one day later.)

  3. Although many of our neighbours have rudely demanded we indefinitely relinquish our inherent and sacred basic human rights to self determination and dignity, and behaved most ignobly with venomous animosity to their brethren who dared to not comply with the absurd demands of a fearful public, we would like nothing more than for this to just stop. Just stop. You’re pushing this to a place nobody wants to go.

    1. Yeah stop trying to look smart using big words on the internet it totally ruins whatever point you were trying to make.

  4. Glad you’re finally up to speed, John. That’s a nice shirt – do they make it for men? Like jesus, of course its going to plateau soon. That’s generally how it works. I’m so sick of these clowns running the show. They don’t have any idea what they’re doing.

  5. Why does all of Ontario have to be lockedown when our hospitals have NEVER been overwhelmed like in toronto? Pathetic leadership in this province I’ll be moving shortly after 43 years putting up with a crappy neighbour city.

    1. More specifically the suburbs of Toronto and Brampton, everyone knows who’s behaviour is dragging this whole thing out.

    2. A regional approach to covid measures doesn’t work that well because it causes region hopping and its not just the city that is being hit hard but also remote community’s. Considering that covid spread is high in Southern and Northern Ontario there’s not many regions that can be opened due to region hopping.

  6. Hospitals are only overwhelmed cause you got ppl so scared everyone is going to hospital with the slightest of cold or just to get tests. Not to mention the percentage of nurses you sent home. Use your brains please.

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