Full Wasserman Schultz: GOP Is Cowering In The Corner On Gun Bills | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Full Wasserman Schultz: GOP Is Cowering In The Corner On Gun Bills | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) says Republicans "care more about holding on to their own power than they do about keeping people safe or doing the right thing" on gun laws.
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Full Wasserman Schultz: GOP Is Cowering In The Corner On Gun Bills | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Why is crook not in prison? Remember the Pakistani operatives the worked in her and other DNC offices hacked and stole information while she gave cover?

    1. They would like to think all are that ignorant and forgetful But then again its Wasserman …Does that clear it up ?

  2. O look its the crooked DNC representative who tried to rig the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Man MSNBC pick better guests…

  3. the gop is not cowering in the corner on these gun bills
    the mass murders are proceeding exactly as the gop planned

  4. 6 Philadelphia Officers shot today by crazy civilian with gun—-putting many innocent people in danger. Do something!!!

  5. Isn’t this the woman who was forced to resign in disgrace after the DNC e-mails were LEAKED to WikiLeaks? The corruption at the DNC was exposed.
    Isn’t this the woman who threatened a police captain with dire consequences if he didn’t turn over a laptop computer that was seized as evidence in an investigation?

    1. Yes, it is that same woman. The very same woman who was replaced by Donna Brazille, who went on to do the exact same crimes as she did and who will also never pay any penalty for undermining our election system.

    2. You know that the emails that forced her to resign were bogus ones inserted by the Russians, don’t you. The thief is the Socialist trying to steal the Democratic primary. He is a rich corrupt Russian supported creep, as bad as Trump.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Interesting how these dumb Bernie supporters always forget that the American people overwhelmingly supported Clinton and not Sanders … nasty little dimwits never seem to get this… Racist Dimwits too…. The Gross majority of the Black and Hispanic Caucus also supported Hillary ..so I suppose they were just too stupid to see what was going on…. Jesus I hate this Sanders Cult

  6. Money, money, money we love our
    NRA money. We’re deeply sorry people are dying, really we are.
    But comon ,let’s be real $$$ is what we “live” for and if you die for what we live for…We’ll that’s just the American way. How can we get
    reelected without funding? And how can we represent you if we are out of Congress? So money
    money money

  7. Debbie: Hollywood Florida resident here. And I do know you personally.
    You messed up by cheating Bernie Sanders and alienating them and theretofore the Dems lost the election.
    Perhaps, Your BEST position is not to throw rocks at those who want to hold onto power.
    Pot cussing the kettle??? Please do not suggest that you represent anyone.
    You have been always very self serving.
    So much for Hollywood resident perspective 33021

    1. Nobody with any sense wanted him. We voted for the good candidate. Sanders should get out of the Democratic primary as he has never been a Democrat. The snotty little brats that wanted that creep are worse than the Russians. Stop dumping on a better person.

  8. Tax GUNS… make owning multiple guns costly logarithmically. that is what the Japanese Diet did to clip the powers of the DAIMYOS who ruled japan for hundred years

  9. As a retired cop I support background checks as a feel good kind of thing. It will work to a point. Where the fear is this will lead to a national gun registry which is banned under current law.  How you say? Common sense, if you arrest someone with a gun, who is a criminal, you ask how did you get it and did you do a background check? That person states , no I got it a day before the law took effect. Meaning you have to have every firearm in the country registered by the date of the check law to enforce it. Only then will you know who owns what and how another person got that weapon.

    1. Left Is Best — Yup…Thanks to her, Bernie lost The 2016 Primary, and Trump won The WH. Given all that we, now, know, it’s hard to forgive her. However, we’ve been given another chance. Hopefully, we won’t blow it.

  10. Ban Lobby Groups? Pay to Play is Corruption, isn’t it? Why do we let money BUY access to Washington at all?

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