Fully immunized patient dies in Alta. hospital Delta variant outbreak | COVID-19 in Canada


  1. What kind of reporting is this, can’t they talk about his pre existing condition if any and how severe?

  2. Dont create panic, the person was 80 he is supposed to be at risk from other preexisting conditions.

  3. 80 years old, already in the hospital with pre existing health conditions. Yep, time to lock down again!

  4. Mainstream news loves covid 19, they can’t enough of it because it brings them ratings and job security.

  5. Did anyone else notice the hospital sign for Foothills had 2 of the letters damaged? Accurate image of Canadian healthcare to the world.

  6. It’s confirmed if you read the story that he had underlying conditions and was already hospitalized. The reality is we will always have to live with some corona deaths the same way we live with Flu deaths each year.

  7. That is a great news. I would have 70% chances of surviving for more than 2 weeks after getting the two shots. Covid really starts looking like a healthy alternative.

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