Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Skip Quarantine When Traveling To U.K. 1

Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Skip Quarantine When Traveling To U.K.

Starting August 2, American citizens who are fully vaccinated will be able to skip the United Kingdom's 10-day quarantine when traveling into the country. NBC News’ Ali Arouzi analyzes how this decision will affect tourism.

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Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Skip Quarantine When Traveling To U.K.


    1. @America 1st you think global warming, backed by ever science on the planet it a hoax but believe gods are real. You’re insane

    2. @The Logic Party if you embrace science, especially from medical professionals and don’t believe in God, the explain to everyone how many sexes there are!!!

    3. @The One And Only!!! I’ll be happy to, right after you admit yiu have no medical backing for your previous claims. That’s right you dont get to shift the subject.

      Holy cow you call your god god? Like calling your dog dog . Could you be any dumber?

    1. @John Truxal it’s Trump all day and every day in your pathetic world. Your existence is torturous and meaningless.

    1. @Scott Dorsey Go work on a Covid floor where the whole time you pray your PPE and vaccine works and you don’t get sick.

    2. @Helen Woodrum The entire world is not a Covid Floor. Do you say the same each flu season? Flu claimed many lives each year, prior to Covid.

    3. @Scott Dorsey  @Scott Dorsey  We are more prepared for the flu season. Vaccines are prepared and distributed each season. Yes, people still die from it but not over 500,000 plus in less than a year. Covid was a whole new virus. We were not prepared for it in any way. Our President knew about it and how deadly it is. He admitted that on tape. Instead of taking advice from experienced professional he let his ego get in the way and Americans died. Defend him if you want but bottom line he was our leader and did not do everything he could to protect us.

    1. @Kulanda Forever im in northern virginia. we dont get many hurricanes, but yeah its windy but thats in october… but the first freeze last year was late november so yeah, long hot summers and short winters.

    2. @MrHaSu your ancestors were good little piggies for the queen and your bloodline still is. Don’t talk on America when Europe is trash.

    3. @TehXygen Bahaahah, is that why Americans work 2x as much as Europeans? Oh how is your healthcare system over there? You enjoy being in debt for the rest of your life? How about mexico? 1/2 of your country is racist.

  1. How did the Summit in Cornwall happen , including the Queen Elizabeth without quarantines?

    1. @DavidAsset78 excuse me? You seem to be the one without understanding, as you have clearly expressed here, by not stating anything at all relevant to anything at all.

    2. @DavidAsset78 I think you are the dumbest troll Ive ever encountered. That’s saying A LOT, David. It says a lot.

      good job

  2. Massive protests around the world against lockdowns and mask mandates, but won’t hear much about it in the MSM.

    1. @DavidAsset78 do you wash your hands every time you touch a surface? How about recording yourself for an hour and see how many times you touch your face with your hands. Prolonged use of Masks have been linked to promote fungal infections in the lungs.

    2. 99.9% of “cases” are mild or asymptomatic, but hey you MUST take a vaccine to be safe 96% of the time!!

    3. @DavidAsset78 and yet millions are contracting the Vid despite being “ vaccinated “ doesn’t fit my definition of a vaccine. People didn’t still catch polio after being vaccinated. You take your Cult Jab.

    4. @Scotch Barrel, “so many right wingers who have caught covid and provide testimonials…”

      What testimonials are those? That covid is real? That sounds like a strawman.

  3. Attention Citizens!!!!! Report immediately to the nearest staging area for the monthly injection of the cure for the monthly variant. Bring your passport which will be updated at time of injection along with your improved social credit score. Remember Citizens, Biog brother loves and cares about you and you must report anyone that resists the cure. For each resistor you identify you will receive a 5 point social credit score bonus!

    1. Which is it? You’re not vaccinated or the government is forcing vaccinations on you? Can’t have it both ways.

    2. @Andrew Hunsaker governments are coercing people into vaxx against their will.. and making them carry Vaxx apps for freedom in society, which will be followed by social credit scores

    3. If your so afraid to live in freedom and possibly die may I recommend a nice padded cell no freedom but perfect safety.

  4. Thank God! Now I can go visit my dentist in the U.K. (I picked a U. K. dentist because all those people seem to have great teeth over there.)

  5. We are just watching this in third person lol. The sheeple get their fix while the Government keeps making mandates.

    1. @Dan Levan
      Got a citation for this global epidemic of dog-walking deaths?

      But you want me to die based on your “data” and infantile opinion. Get your head examined, Danny. And stay away from children.

    2. @Robot Apparently, human rights no longer apply in a “free” country. Especially when EVERYTHING can be done at home. lol

    3. @Con.Troller418 You know, if you feel unsafe, you have your own reasonable responsibility to protect yourself. Wear a mask if YOU feel unsafe. Get a shot if YOU feel like there’s a benefit. It’s easy, free, and low risk for YOU to do these things, and the bonus is it doesn’t force ME to live my life based around what YOU worry about.

    4. @Con.Troller418 so get your jab, wear your mask, stay that precious 6 feet away from anyone, and you’re good to go. Stop trying to shame reasonable intelligent people on THEIR healthcare decisions.

    5. @Rock Muffins Unvaccinated pools of hosts are where the variants are developing. Your selfish choice endangers others. But you don’t care about other people apparently.

  6. It’s weird how their are certain privileges they are throwing out there for vaccinated people, yet vaccinated or unvaccinated, people are still getting sick.

    1. @cpe111 why don’t you look up the stats from some other sources. it is as high as 64% VACCINATED testing positive for the delta variant according to some

    2. @Fine Feathered Friend hmmmm. New virus. Learning curve for EVERYONE in how to treat it. Sure, it’s been studied since its discovery, but since it evolved into human transmission, it’s been a catch up game.

      What do YOU do for a living? Why aren’t YOU fixing this?

    3. @Blossom Bouquet And you know the number of people being tested how? I have a friend who is a nurse doing covid testing. She has been busy morning till night for months. Another friend’s two elderly parents had trouble getting admitted to the hospital this past week because they are full of covid patients. They have covid, both not well. They sent his 82 year old dad back home after 1 day in the hospital with some antiviral drugs because they have no space. This is just my anecdotal observation, but I’d wager that the news that the Delta variant is causing a covid patient spike is not “Lies and more lies”.

    4. @KFT Yes I do get that so don’t presume. I am just asking questions like any logical thinker would. Consider this, if you are such an expert in your field, why would you consider relaxing masking and social distancing when you don’t understand if vaccinated individuals are in fact protected?

      The vaccines were being touted as immunity in the beginning as in like getting a flu shot. Once you get it, you get to go outside for recess while you laggers need to continue with the assignments

      The CDC released that guidance and come to find out vaccinated individuals can still become infected and sick. Even to the point of hospitalization. But they aren’t reporting on that because we are too busy blaming unvaccinated people as the problem.

      They aren’t even officially tracking “breakthrough” infections and this is an organization of “experts”? This is why so many people are distrustful and that is the major point of low vax rates. And the icing on top is that each variant that has been making the media rounds all originated outside of the US.

    5. @Fine Feathered Friend Don’t know where you’re getting your info from. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were rated at 95% efficacy from their introduction. Not 100%, but 95%. As well for the 5% chance of still getting sick the vaccine largely stops significant symptoms/ death from occuring. However if enough people get vaccinated that protection is good enough to prevent the virus from continuing to propagate and essentially stopping it once existing cases fizzle out. Again you’re being difficult just to be difficult. Even if you are correct that they initially said 100% efficacy (which they did not), are you thumbing up your nose at the vaccine because they “lied” and it’s actually 95% efficacious?

      As for them relaxing masking, it was due to cases dropping and vaccinations increasing. People are being asked to mask up again because the more contagious Delta variant has caused a spike in cases – particularly with the unvaccinated. Masking is being reintroduced for ALL for one main reason – if it is just an honor system that vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask, you know people that are covid deniers sure aren’t going to mask up. Easier to just ask everybody to mask up.

  7. I went to Europe on vacation a few years back. Never again. It was to expensive, the food was not good and overall the value for the money was not good. Ireland / Scotland were our favorite places to visit. Ireland was a blast.

    1. They literally mandated ice and border patrol wear masks now as they watch infected and mask less illegals come in by thousands

    1. facts…..even seems like the “disease” is only here to push the vaccine

      but let’s let the sheeple have their “it was made in one year” and “such a scientific miracle” delusions, times are hard for everyone right now

  8. Americans on July 4, 1776 “I live off the land. I’m willing to sacrifice everything to rebel and gain liberty.”
    Americans on July 4, 2021 “Thank you Mr Biden for letting me have a bbq. Use my pronouns or I’ll have a panic attack.”

    1. You’ve got a false version of people living in your head that help you justify your positions. Get off the internet, actually talk to people, learn to empathize. The real world isn’t as polarized as you make it seem.

    2. @SirBrittanicvs It seems as if I’m living in your head though, like so many still have orange man living rent free in their heads….as you’re on the internet.

  9. They’re trying to “slow boil” the frog and make it mandatory without actually making it mandatory, by making it very hard to live without it.

    Stand strong and stand against fascism like this! We are the majority!

    1. I hear the Freedom Variant is going viral, 100% infection rate, 0% chance of overcoming it.

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