Fully vaccinated woman dies from COVID-19 in Waterloo, Ont. 1

Fully vaccinated woman dies from COVID-19 in Waterloo, Ont.


From CTV Kitchener's Natalie van Rooy: A fully immunized resident at a Kitchener long-term care home has died of COVID-19.

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  1. Wow, she made to her 90s, she’s luckier than most, at that age just about anything could have taken her down

    1. @ET Himself it seems these days that stroke ,dying of old age, cancer, literally any other sickness. Is now COVID “yup cause of death is COVID

      And nothing else !!

      That’s what he’s saying

    1. Ya she could have died of anything but she died of the one thing she was supposed to be protected from. Allegedly.

      Think about it….

  2. Wow, in her 90s. I’ll be happy to make it to retirement. The carnage is unbelievable, quick shutdown the economy and devastate more than half the country, financially and mentally.

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