Fun Day Ends in Tragedy | JLP Big on Scandal – PNP Supporters


    1. How about the criminals and the two political parties who have created the base ” those political garrisons ” for criminality to flourish.

    2. That’s a thought, who will do it? You mean to tell me that even the getaway vehicle avoid bein shot by the cops that were present?

  1. The News team is doing a great job getting the News to the world, may God continue to bless and keep the team strong.❤️🇯🇲🌄

  2. Where are the human rights. The police and military needs to invest every effort to locate the wicked criminals because this is a terrorizes act against the people of this country

  3. Score political points? If he didn’t talk about it, he would be remiss. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t!

  4. For I know that my redeemer lives and I will stand with him on that day. Jesus is risen he is king let us be glad in him. Repent ye nations.🙏🏼🙇🏽‍♀️📖

  5. If more firearms holder was available they wouldn’t even think of doing that they need to release the legal firearms to the citizens I can bet a million dollars they would try that

  6. It really amazes me when I hear people in Jamaica talk rubbish about being shocked at the brutality of these criminals. The wanton shooting and killing in Jamaica is a daily occurrence so what is left to be shocked about in this criminal paradise..kmdt.

  7. I want to know how they are going to eliminate crime and poverty because that’s the biggest problem I see in Jamaica

  8. Me naa lie this shooting really hurt me……these men have no regard for life… could have been any one of us or our family…

  9. Greetings.
    Nine people shot at one location, three are dead. This item of news is most disturbing but not shocking. This is Jamaica, we are fed a steady diet of violence, death and destruction but we pay attention and express outrage only when it is at or close to our door.

    Do poor Jamaicans realise that they are the ones who are most affected by these heinous acts? Generally speaking, the people of these communities are often the most loyal supporters of their chosen political party. Even when they do not have a decent structure to call home, 3 balanced meals per day or the means to educate/sustain themselves/their children, they are the ones who often flood the streets, attend political rallies etc. A change, a drastic shift is needed in how our people think, behave and live. Too many Jamaicans are making poor short term decisions that have ugly long term repercussions. We need to start thinking sensibly and not be impaired by party colors be it green or orange! Stop expecting politicians to “mine” you!!

    The web of criminality in Jamaica is so wide and deep that one is forced to reserve condolences to families of the dead or cautiously express sympthathies because it’s difficult to say who was a criminal or associated with criminals and who wasn’t. The high crime across the island has turned all of us into paranoid, distrusting overly vigilant individuals… simply don’t know who to trust hence you take the sensible stance of trust no one! What kind of way is that for any civilised people to live?

    Whether it’s one life or ten lives, we, starting with the prime minister must do more to make homes, businesses, communities safe for citizens. This idea of appealing to hoodlums and criminals to turn in their guns is only effective in textbooks, it does not work in Jamaica! Criminals in Jamaica are too confident and brazen. We need a Minister of National Security who takes a zero tolerance approach to crime and criminals, a swift and effective justice system in conjunction with the JDF /JCF to make their teeth chatter when they are caught! Why aren’t we using technology in our crime fighting efforts?

    You mean to tell me that a car drove up at a community event, a criminal stepped out, fired shots at its target and indiscriminately into the crowd, then drove of in a white Mark X car and a phone call was not made to 119 or the police station in the area where a drone device could have been used to possibly track the vehicle? I know, this is Jamaica, I’m not being realistic….that kind of effective policing is likely reserved for their friends and family uptown.
    There are too many ILLEGAL GUNS IN JAMAICA!! criminals are laughing at us law abidding citizens who are sitting ducks and the all-talk-no-action government because they know full well that the citizens are scared to death hence they stay home and try to be in visible, while the government officials are escorted and protected by armed bodyguards. Given all the above, why do we even bother to elect a government? Beats me!

  10. Strong suggestions from Mr. Golding. I love that these two parties fight to be in power and that’s how it should be, it shows a strong democratic system. However, if a third party should gain power I believe that Jamaica would become a better place as these parties would now fight to please the intelligent people who votes them in and out of power for the good or bad impact they have on the nation.

  11. Most Jamaicans don’t want nothing good, we need the government to crush crime and let our Little Rock nice again

  12. SMH I swear nothing ever changes with jamaican politics and politicians…always majoring in the minors and sadly the people always fall for it. When will we learn😒😔

  13. Why was he shocked? Is this not happening everywhere in Jamaica. Are we still not hugging up criminals? Are we still not in favour of criminals rather than the security forces? Why are we surprised when we are fighting off security guards, principals and teachers for trying to instil discipline in their kids. Are we still not sitting on waiting on politics to feed and clothes our entire families?

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