'Fundamentally It's A Jobs Plan': Buttigieg Emphasizes Appeal Of Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC 1

‘Fundamentally It’s A Jobs Plan’: Buttigieg Emphasizes Appeal Of Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC


Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg discusses why President Biden's infrastructure plan is bipartisan even if Washington, D.C. Republicans oppose it, and why he thinks its promises can be fulfilled now when they've fallen short in the past.
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    1. @Yvonne Plant Jim Crow Sleepy Joe Biden is a communist dictator and racist. Everyone knows Trump won.

  1. Infrastructure is right up there with “having a population” and “having laws”, in what makes a a society and country “be”. Exist. Underprioritizing and underfunding infrastructure directly _harms_ the potential of everything and everyone, especially in a competitive world. And because infrastructure is so essential and critical, the costs of maintaining, expanding and upgrading it is not only inevitable, but every day we delay and underfund it, the work that needs be done tomorrow becomes exponentially more costly and difficult. Because not only does the work pile up, but the existing infrastructure further deteriorates.

    In this age, a reasonably fast, reliable, unmetered internet connection is about as critical to almost every element of life, work and commerce – directly or indirectly – as having a (some kind of) watch. And having (access to) a phone.

    I just hope they’re smart about it when expanding this type of communication and electrical infrastructure. Where digging needs done, out cables and fiber in double pipes, and lay down extra pipes for the future. It’s a _very_ tiny cost in the budget, but it makes a huuuge difference in long term physical integrity of the infrastructure – and when repairs are needed, and when future infrastructure needs arise – the overwhelming majority of the work do not need repeating: The digging, filling and road/property repair. In terms of both repair and new interconnected infrastructure, you can just replace sections between service points, and install new cables, fiber etc, by pulling it through the pipes that were laid down earlier.

  2. It comes down to the corporate lobbyists and their lackey congress against the American citizens. Organize, organize, organize.

  3. so nice to hear the truth,Pete is a super smart guy,trying to help Americans,Repukes are just a joke,Americans know Repukicants lie all the time and keep trying to take away our rights,freedom and living.

  4. The idea of transportation and infrastructure as potentially transformative agents is interesting and promising. If Covid has shown us anything, it’s the critical and basic importance of broadband and Internet access, be it getting medical care or education, carrying out businesses and executing laws, selling and buying and finding products. If our businesses and workers want to be competitive post-Covid, we need quality infrastructure, with safe and reliable transportation everywhere (that;s hopefully also cohesive), and complete and reliable Internet access that’s a given regardless of where we live, what we do for living, how much money we have. If we don’t have quality transportation and infrastructure that’s ready for whatever post-Covid world, our businesses will go elsewhere and find workers outside of this country. If we have it, on the other hand, American homes and families will have the world at their fingertips, and all the businesses will prefer such a well-prepared country to work in, do business with, and hire. This is not the time to be skimping but taking advantage and letting the government help set up the system that individuals and individual companies can’t or won’t do. If we leave it up to individual entities, it will be self interest, uncoordinated, wasteful, and more expensive. I think this is a good longer-term business investment even with the tax hike (maybe that needs to be explained in more specific detail, how they can do more and save time/money). Being ready is a national security matter, too – how are we going to fight wars or avoid one by looking ready to? We deserve a smoothly running and functioning country. I want my tax money to be used for that; my representatives to work together and figure this out for everybody (not just in the cities or where big businesses are but everywhere). I don’t want to find ourselves with subpar infrastructure, unable to compete, to be healthy or connected. And why not now, while we’re still in Covid, so use all the domestic labor to build everything and anything.

  5. We should do a trade in program, where you can trade in your old oil burning, combustible engine sporting, cars, for electric cars.

  6. Oh man, Pete looks like the job has already aged him, he has gotten a bit of a puffy face with those cute cheeks.

  7. Go watch the most transparent audit in America history! Azaudit not com but org. 9 camera angles live. Behizy on YouTube can tell you about the audit process

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