Furness on Omicron: Cases will 'take off' in Canada soon | COVID-19 surge coming? 1

Furness on Omicron: Cases will ‘take off’ in Canada soon | COVID-19 surge coming?


Epidemiologist Colin Furness says with the advent of Omicron, the government needs to recognize the airborne transmission of COVID-19.

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  1. It’s already here and spreading and it’s nothing, I had a headache and body pain for the better part of yesterday and now the next day I have allergy like symptoms with a runny nose and sneezing for some reason.

    This is going to displace delta and end the pandemic.

    1. @Scott S. Do you know that the guest in the video is not a medical doctor? He’s an information scientist working public health. Basically just a data analyst. He’s regularly predicting the worst possible outcomes, and does so with no medical education. Not even a basic biology or physiology background.

    2. The thing is, if Omicron turns out to only have cold-like symptoms, which is indicated in reports since it was discovered, perhaps it would be beneficial for it to overtake Delta as the dominant variant. This would result in all the antivaxxers being infected with a non-deadly virus unlike the Delta variant.

    3. Scott much work for the government. He doesn’t want covid to end. And gets angry when someone suggests it will end..SOON.

  2. Omicron is mild and will render the population immune to COVID-19 at low risk. No need for lockdowns or passports at all. Air mitigation is long overdue and should have been done at the outset.

    1. Nice!! I have been saying this since May 2020. I could have been very wrong but nothing made any sense right from the start.

  3. African health officials are saying omicron might end covid because of how mild it is lmfao see if this post lasts

  4. Kinda like they’ve already planned for it to happen. I’m pretty sure they’ve got all these news headlines planned for the next 6 months.

    1. Probably. They’ll release the next variant when Delta… no omicron, starts whittling down. I don’t believe this anymore.

  5. Hard to care AT ALL about covid when half of Canadians are losing their jobs and facing extreme poverty and homelessness

  6. Lol this is following the exact same pattern as before. Soon they will “need” increased testing to pump the numbers. Then a couple hospital photo ops and Christmas is cancelled again.

    1. @Jaerock Chalk pretty scary as all the mannequins were dead at that time. Just held on life support until the cameras were through.

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