Future of U.S. Policing In The Wake Of George Floyd's Murder 1

Future of U.S. Policing In The Wake Of George Floyd’s Murder


As the nation marks one year of protest and action since the murder of George Floyd, what is the future of policing in America going to look like? MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses that with author, professor, and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler.
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  1. if they are armed and running from the police they need stoped by any means . The police are there to protect the public no MATTER what race . ALL LIVES MATTER

    1. @K20 516 I just re-read your posts. How are you going to accuse anybody of crying you’ve done nothing but b**** and moan this entire time

    2. @Patrick O’Neill we all gotta die someday, but the percentage of a residential neighborhood getting looted and burned from a protest is extremely low. Instead of arguing some arbitrary scenario, how about arguing for accountability for officers that abuse their power and are protected by unions and qualified immunity. Y’all apologists protecting cops that don’t deserve a badge are making it harder for the good cops and y’all just don’t care.

    3. @CrownRoyalz1 I’m not saying anything about cops I’m just saying it’s wrong to burn down buildings
      and hurt people.

  2. As soon as Williams said, “Politico reports…” we knew the sh*t meter was off the scale.

  3. Can’t get BLM activists to join police and change culture from the inside? Shocker!!!

  4. OMG this is even more diluted than i expected. Sometimes I wish I lived in the same reality as these people. Unfortunately I live in the real world.

    1. You don’t want to live in their “reality.” Constantly angry, bitter, and lashing out at others. It’s just an ongoing cycle of unhappiness.

    2. @Arizona Slot Wins last I checked the right wanted to take politicians hostage because they didnt like the outcome of the election? Is that not a mental disorder as well

    3. @Toast Show me the “right” taking gov hostages? I can show you plenty of mostly peaceful but fiery riots. Live streams breaking into retail stores says “I didn’t want to steal no mo. But I need some Nikes.” Y’all is crazy live streaming law breaking, but when u got the cover of media……

    1. Look at his eyes the professor is reading responses that are prewritten. He looks down and his eyes scroll left to right.

  5. Remember in 2014 when Mr.Williams was caught in a lie and ran off air for making up stories . Yep still a lair.

    1. @Chris Mullin why don’t you research yourself and learn for yourself. Maybe you wouldn’t be so low informed. Most liberals are low informed. It’s from CNN autofeed autotruth.

    2. For those of you who can’t type “Brian Williams apologize for lying” back in 2003 he told a story that he was shot down in a helicopter. In 2014 and 2015 he was found to be lying.

    3. @Jeff S both sides claim the other is ill informed, so why should I believe either of the extreme left or right?

  6. As long as they dont “protest” at the capital they will be fine. No one will bother them, as long as it doesn’t directly effect the politicians.

    1. Or are there two separate incidents with officers all together? One who died of seizure and one of blunt force? Wikipedia has it currently one was shot, one died of drug overdose, and three of natural causes for the five who died so far.

      Okay. So brian sicknick was the Capitol officer who they still are investigating, and the second officer that died was a suicide. And that’s ALL they have on any officers dying from this.

    2. @Zippyser how’s that investigation going of the cop that shot into the crowd at the Capitol and murdered an unarmed female? Can you even tell me the cops name?

    3. @Will 1050 I actually disagree that the kkk can fall under the same umbrella. One requires much more of a leap in logic than the other. It is not an excuse for any of it but I am apt to afford leniency towards the former rather than the latter. For two reasons. One it’s a quality of evidence standard and two despite the impossible nature of the overthrow in this age it still remains the duty of citizens to keep their officials in check. I view the former(the insurrection and similar things) as less egregious than the latter based on the laws of the land.

      That said there is still plenty of work to be done in the system before such a thing is necessary. It is also still a crime therefore for order’s sake must be punished. Regardless of it’s efficacy or necessity for society.

      As far as the devices they were in multiple capitols. It was swept under the rug but were part of the backlash surrounding the election. Hence the extra troops. Michigan was a popular one. Most red states had protests and counter protests for the better part if the week with some trailing into the 20th. Trump however and his rants and kraken took center stage and it was largely ignored. The human toll of the BLM marches was largely blm marchers by people opposed, such as police. (Exceptions for the chop zone that has I believe two unrelated deaths to their name)

      Though an aside it’s your right to express whatever thoughts or opinions you like. Even folks like the KKK. It’s actions that are the issue. As has been said before I will defend to the death your right to say it but do not expect others to respect your rights if you tread on theirs.

    4. @Will 1050 I think it’s more the media that didn’t push that folks from such riots were arrested too and during. To the original point that is.

  7. all I see is a future of criminals out of all of this and not from the police

  8. So funny to watch all this “defund the police” momentum sputter out at record pace.

    1. Chicago police just voted unanimously NO CONFIDENCE in Mayor Litefoot who is racist!

  9. Let’s stop trying to divide our country all we doing is repeating history, when we need to be moving Forward as one.

    1. @C WL nope. There is no legal, systemic racism written into any form of law anywhere in the USA. Zero. The issue is that you are conflating two separate things to be the same. “I did not get that job I wanted, it’s probably because of my skin color, not my lack of skills or experience.” “MN that cop just pulled me over because of my skin color, speeding, smoking weed, drinking, running stop.signs, driving erratic had nothing to do with it.” “I was turned down by the bank for a loan, probably because of my skin color, forget the fact I fail to pay bills on time and my credit sucks.” “I had a racist honk their horn at me, forget they I was waking at half a mile an hour in a cross walk while the light was green”. “Man, that racist just gave me the side eye, never mind I did the same.” ….and on and on and on and on and on and on.

      Systemic racism does not exist in the USA, but some folks not wanting to admit their own railings, their incorrect observations and their own inherent racism does.

    2. @Iron Wolf Just because something isn’t explicitly written into law stating “lol black people should be discriminated against lol” doesn’t meant the problem isn’t systemic….. you seriously can’t be this daft.

    3. @C WL _”Just because something isn’t explicitly written into law (…) doesn’t meant the problem isn’t systemic”_
      Yeah, maybe. It certainly would be the best evidence that it _is_ systemic though, don’t you think? But we all know that it isn’t, and so no such evidence exists.
      All evidence I’ve seen advancing the notion of systemic racism is spurious at best. It’s mostly redefining words so that they fit the narrative, and citing statistics absent context, saying the numbers are telling a story which isn’t actually there.

      Systemic racism is a myth perpetuated by those who don’t like the idea of taking responsibility for their own lives..

    4. @SineEyed 2020 “Systemic racism is a myth perpetuated by those who don’t like the idea of taking responsibility for their own lives”. Lol, you basically just laid out the same old tired NPC right wing talking points. Go back to ben shapiro and tim pool.

    5. @C WL do you believe what you just said is a counterargument? Because it isn’t.
      You really got nothin better than that?..

  10. Imagine the country without police, it would become mayhem. We need the police, you don’t like the police don’t call them when you have an emergency. Call BLM see if they show up to help you.

  11. That poll is so misleading. “Participants THINK things have gotten worse.” How does that actually qualify as actionable data?

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