GA lawmaker arrested protesting voting bill | USA TODAY 1

GA lawmaker arrested protesting voting bill | USA TODAY


Georgia lawmaker arrested, dragged while governor signed GOP-sponsored voting bill
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Democratic state Rep. Park Cannon was arrested after knocking on the door of Governor Brian Kemp's office as he signed the elections legislation.

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  1. You can still get arrested tho you’re a lawmaker. Are you telling me that minors can’t afford a 14 dollar ID? Really??

    1. You can’t even get a legitimate job in this country without 2 forms of ID. I honestly don’t see why needing an ID to vote is a problem

  2. The IRS openly admitted to holding back the stimulus checks of over 80 million social security recipients, retired railroad workers and veterans. But you don’t see a single news station running stories on this… why?

    1. @J L

      The only time someone should show facts if they made a claim. I didn’t. I simply asked him to back up his claim therefore the burden of proof is on him. How credible a post is is not just a function of facts presented but how sound the argument is.

      So for example if someone claims X without any proof the validity of my response of asking them to prove x is not depended on me giving facts. If I made a claim without giving facts then it would be dependent on giving facts but I’m not making a claim. I’m simply asking the post to back up their claim. THe burden of proof is not on me. The burden of proof is on the person making the claim. This is simple debate 101.

    2. @J L

      Besides I did give facts just not in response to that poster and those posts didn’t go through. I will try and post these again to see if they go through(this happens a lot. I don’t if its a wifi problem or something within youtube that limits how often a poster can post or how long the post is)

    3. OK so here goes again. Your claim about “illegals were given checks! ” is an obvious lie. Since my previous attempt at linking the link didn’t go through simple google the following(as if you would allow yourself to be educated)

      “Fact check: Immigrants without Social Security numbers are not eligible for stimulus checks”

      Going to lie and claim this is “fake news”? So who is dumb to parrot that stupid talking point about illegals? You.

    4. @Noir Path
      How can you do a home invasion living if I’m living in a tent and moving everyday? Thanks but my Cherokee ancestors don’t need you whining for them. How about you whine for yourself, that’s what this is really about anyway.

    5. @Lalabenz 128
      By settling, making a home and storing up for the future. Not moving every few days to follow the weather and herds of wild animals.

  3. “This is worse than Jim Crow” must be one of the most absurd statements I’ve ever heard from the party of Jim crow.

    1. Agreed, like it’s too much of a chore to follow a law or go out inorder to vote
      It’s been that way when it did work. Don’t blame the system.

  4. So all these people could get out to protest a law that requires their presence or to follow the law but they are being suppressed?

  5. She thought been a Democratic legislator she is special and above the law, well she thought wrong, also Why Democrats are sooo against Voter ID???? Because it will be a lot harder for them to cheat the elections that’s why.

  6. If you’re black and don’t have a state ID then that’s your problem, you are supposed to have one anyways

  7. The rest of those sellouts deserve jail. They don’t represent the people. SORRY CHEATERS WE’RE LIVING AND LEARNING!!!!

    1. No. It’s more the 20+ other things in the bill. But you would have to read to know that. Not just get told.

    1. 90% of these politicians would already be in prison if the law treated like normal citizens.
      I figured we would have a better chance of seeing this happen with Trumps 2nd term.
      I can’t wait to tell a police officer that they can’t investigate me because I’m applying for this one job next year.

  8. so asking for ID to vote is suppression, I guess asking for an id to get on a plane, to buy alcohol, to register your car, to buy tobacco guess that’s suppression too!!! These ppl have been cheating for years at the polls and think blk ppl can’t go get an ID DEMONcratics!!!!

  9. It so sad to see how inhumane people are. We need to bring back respect, responsibility, Truth, And values that have been lost due to everyone just trying to achieve the American dream. It’s a sad place to raise our children. And think of how much worst it will be for our children’s children.

    1. Democrats have taught me to not go to school, go on welfare, abort babies, pay higher taxes, don’t listen to the police, hate the police, hate the law, hate my country, hate my flag, hate my anthem, hate my gender, beg for free money, depend on the government, blame someone else for my actions, yell racism if I can’t take or get what I want, riot and loot stores because they have insurance, yell and scream at anyone that disagrees with me, silence and slander them. I’ve learned that I don’t like any of these things that they’ve told me to do. I want to do the opposite. One nation, one color, Americans.

    2. @Light Source Americans of five different ethnic groups, with five different religions; five different sets of beliefs, and five different sets of cultural mores. Not as simple as it seems; no ?

  10. You need to present your ID when you vote in person. It should be no different when you vote through the mail. I see nothing wrong with this. I have more faith in the vote when we hold every vote to the same standard

    1. So you think what this bill is ONLY about is about requiring IDS and that before this bill IDs were required?

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