GA Opens Investigation Into Trump Phone Call Seeking To Overturn Election Results | The ReidOut

GA Opens Investigation Into Trump Phone Call Seeking To Overturn Election Results | The ReidOut 1


    1. @Ramon Gonzalez 😉 Wishful thinking. Ironically, I used to love Obama, especially Biden and then I became a free thinker by the end of 2019. I didn’t let white liberals Svengali me anymore. Anyway, I appreciate the effort, Mr. Gonzalez.

    2. One of the strongest constitutional protections for the accused is the rule that a person cannot be convicted of a crime unless a jury, after hearing all the evidence, is sure the person is guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This is a very strong protection. What may be enough evidence in a civil case, usually “the preponderance” of evidence, may not be enough in a criminal case. Legally obtained physical evidence is always stronger than circumstantial evidence, and evidence not legally obtained simply does not count
      * The Constitution of the United States of America

  1. “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    1. @Ross Wisz The truth will not die because someone calls it racist, and that is exactly what these finger pointers are doing. but it is hard to tell if it is a zombie or just a regular old troll getting jollies trying to stir up discord.

    2. @Traditional Values I pray regularly to Jesus you are right, but what happens to the missing months of presidency? Will he get those as well? also join me in prayer as many as who will that the charade is exposed beyond being ostracized, argument, or censorship.

    3. @Swinde Lmao. Since when do y’all care about context? If you listen to the whole phone call, Trump wasn’t asking them to find votes, he was telling them there were numerous instances of illegal votes and all they had to do was pick one to correct and he would have won Georgia.

    1. I heard the phone call too. How he was looking to get a fair audit and seek out and toss all illegal votes. And the Sec of GA refused. I didn’t know that was a bad thing to want a fair election.

  2. The crime was taking the people’s constitutional right to have their vote be counted and not thrown away or changed. That is the crime.

    1. It is very sad to see so many people just follow along with what they are being told by the media when it is just common sense to know that they only tell us what they want us to think. It is true though that there is no election fraud if nobody is looking for it and we all know that absolutely nobody that could start to do anything about it is looking for it. They just say over and over there isn’t any fraud.
      If there was nothing to worry about then there would be so many people being silenced. I have never seen anything like what is happening now in respect to all the sensoring going on.
      So I would have to say that there is absolutely something that they don’t want people to know and start talking about and looking into.

    2. @101st Airborne M1k3 you know what that sounds like racism and hate speech to me. Better pay more attention in your zoom classes it sounds like you need a lot more education. Anyone like you who supports tossing of votes and vote changing like you is the real traitor and pointing a finger at me isn’t going to change the truth!

    1. The fact is trump is going down and there isn’t anything that any of you could say or do to change the outcome
      Stay mad😂😂😂😂@Phil P

    2. As usual you are using projection. YOU are the ones who throw stones then when asked for facts you all run away. You are totally in the dark and uninformed because you get your news from outright lies. You aren’t even aware of anything that is true or real. Your programmed hatred blinds you. How does it feel to be utter fools? You’re so empty and gullible, no wonder they get away with their constant lies. Do you have any original thoughts of your own ?

  3. Ok, maybe I’ve watched too much Psych, but are we not going talk about Paul Butler’s 2x pineapple fridge?

  4. The senators won’t be doing there duty! They haven’t done there duty for 4 years so what are we paying them for?

  5. So I just read about a cabal of powerful people who came together to, “fortify” the 2020 election. Should this cabal be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as well?

  6. When you say Georgia, you say democrats. Youre so stupid to think he was trying to find votes for him, he was asking for them to find the fake votes. Dems so lame

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