Ga. Sec. Of State Says Lindsey Graham Suggested He Find A Way To Toss Legal Ballots | All In | MSNBC 1

Ga. Sec. Of State Says Lindsey Graham Suggested He Find A Way To Toss Legal Ballots | All In | MSNBC


On Monday, Georgia's Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told the Washington Post he has come under increasing pressure from Republicans—including Senator Lindsey Graham—to throw away legal ballots. Aired on 11/16/2020.
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Ga. Sec. Of State Says Lindsey Graham Suggested He Find A Way To Toss Legal Ballots | All In | MSNBC


  1. It sounds to me like Trump and allies including Lindsey Graham assumed that Republican state and local election officials have as little integrity as they themselves have.

    1. Let’s see what evidence they have. If the Democrats cheated, or if anyone cheated lets deal with them, and set thing right

    2. Graham is a Trump lackey, flunkies who will do anything to save the conservative republican way. Rise up John McCain and smack your boy for he has lost his integrity. Azz kisser!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Christine King I remember shuddering violently when I learned that years after the fact. The idea that I was seen promoting this psychopathic love of nuclear destruction shook me badly.

    2. @Get Data I dont know if that is true anymore, when do we ever hold politicians accountable?
      We also used to believe our rights ended where the rights of others began, and did a better job of separation of church and state.
      I agree with you, politicians work for us but I think we’re a minority these days.

    3. @Umar Abdullah it’s the 2 party system that’s the failure. Each party knows in 4 to 8 years they’ll regain power so there’s know incentive to be better, do better. It stopped being about country decades ago and shifted to party and power. Everything else is just a mirage.

    1. He lost it bf Senator McCain died. He used McCain to climb the political ladder bc McCain came from the RICH political family (generations). LADY G abandoned him when he had Cancer and allowed his new BF trash McCain daily and did nothing. That’s unforgivable

    2. @Judith M. Now that is sad, for ge has become a lap dog to Trump, the same man who insulted her husband. Maybe she has not seen it that way.

    1. Nope, they’ve always been corrupt; they are now displaying their corrupt behavior in the public’s eye for everyone to see.

  2. Republicans make me remember African politicians: power, money, influence, corrupt, unethical, disgraceful…

  3. Wait, they’re trying to literally Steal the election while accusing Democrats of stealing the election??

    This is wild… and VERY illegal.

    1. @Whiddledog Jones We do not have to live in fear. Even though it seems and it looks like we’re failing, we Americans are accomplishing something no one has ever done before: Diverse groups living together.

      It’s hard. It’s tough. And in some cases, it’s deadly.

      But WE MUST continue to push through.

      We are the ENVY of the world. Our country is the Strongest and most Powerful.

      We’ve accomplished this because EVERY race had contributed to our Nation.

      Not just racist white people.

    1. That’s apparently what 25% of Americans think and 100% of republican senators most of the time. (Mitt doesn’t stand up and oppose things very often, now does he?)

    2. “Lock Them Up ! !” “Lock Them Up ! !” and throw away the key ! ! Republicans’ are (not) people and are obtuse..

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