GA State Sen. Au On Anti-Asian Sentiment: “Decades Of Discrimination Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight” 1

GA State Sen. Au On Anti-Asian Sentiment: “Decades Of Discrimination Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight”


State Senator Michelle Au represents Georgia's 48th District. She was among the leaders in Georgia's Asian-American and Pacific Island community that met with President Biden and Vice President Harris this week, and had been ringing the alarm bells on anti-Asian hate on the floor of the state house just the day before the attack. She joins Ali Velshi to discuss the shooting that left six Asian women dead and the impact of harmful Asian stereotypes. She says, “This is everyone's problem and there's several ways we need to move forward with it."» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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GA State Sen. Au On Anti-Asian Sentiment: “Decades Of Discrimination Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight”


  1. Q : so tying hate and myth as impressions of a community but not mentioning murdoch will solve this problem
    A : trick question since he’s worth only about 10 billion, and therefore obviously irrelevant

  2. Of course Asian Americans are Americans. They have feelings strengths weaknesses. They live and breathe just like the other humans here on Earth. Do unto others; Or else.

    1. A minority commits an atrocity and they’re rightly dubbed a, “monster.” A white guy does it and, “he’s just having a bad day.” His victims and their families had a WORSE day! Exacerbated by institutional racism. Such attitudes are what make Voter Suppression possible in America. Instead of an obvious Felony Offence in a so called, “Democratic Republic.” . . . SMH

    2. Like Creepy Joe says there should be no violence against Asians,we just don’t want them to go to Harvard!!!!

  3. True power is the ability to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent, that’s true power. There’s only one group who has that kind of power, the media. Because they control the minds of the masses.

    1. You said the same thing on CNN, son. Repeatedly. MSM has all the power over you. It lives inside your pro-pootin head

    2. @B W : Satguy wants to spoon feed you Russian propaganda, about how the left is, “spoon feeding,” you. Irony, right? He seems to think we’re all like trump fans: rats in a maze, unable to think unless told what to think? Bot, maybe?

    3. There is no longer a media just propaganda machines for the Democrats or Republicans depending on what station you’re watching..

    4. …and that’s why Russian Television is very careful to look “objective” while Fox News is very careful to look like bigots….
      and RT isn’t even looking for votes.

  4. In SF/Oakland, most attackers of Asians are AfAm. I wonder if this has anything to do with model minority label.

  5. blessings for yours a wonderful news is believing in Jesuchrist you have the salvation and eternal life .. believe for faith in your heart
    read in the biblie Romans 10 : 9 and 10 , St John 14 : 6 , st John 3 : 15 to 18 , st John 5 : 24

  6. Where is Ted Liu & Young Kim ???.. Representatives from CA? Where is your voice to speak out against AAPI Hate crimes when we need you to stand up for your constituents?

    1. @Dan Lam yes I’ve heard it’s been going on for a long time and covid has made it worse. It’s a shame Democrats and their media only seem interested when they can politicise it.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy Yes he is. His rethorics since the beginning of this pandemic is like pouring fuel to the already glowing embers. He might be think that he intent to direct all of his insults to China but unfortunately many translate his rethorics as a green light to attack and blame Asian Americans.

    3. @Ignatius RyD all he’s done is criticised another government. Is that wrong? Do you think he should just say nothing about problems caused by foreign countries? Democrats don’t hold back with their criticism of Russia. Trump also can’t be held responsible for idiots who attack Asian Americans.

  7. Newsweek 2016 article. 2015 COVID infected workers, almost got loose 5 times at UNC labs at Chapel Hill.

  8. We all need our own movement. I’m not talking the one I had this morning. I’m talking our own movements. I feel discriminated against. I have my whole life. It’s not fair. I want to be equal. I’m subhuman.

  9. I’ve always been respectful and in admiration of our Asian Americans who contribute much to the Country. Discrimination and hate had ought not to be an American way.

    1. @momo I would like to visit. Having been in the Nam I must retain my opinions of the folks from Asia. If you know something that I do not please wire me up. Please, civil words we must have civil words.

    2. @momo your the fool you ignorant individual. Whatever you’re referring to has nothing to do with other Asian race.

      You have a weak mind and had a sad upbringing.

      To think what is happening now in America is fine proves you need to seek for help

  10. Democrat Run Harvard and Yale refuse to admit more than 30% Asians Students who qualify simply because they do not want too many Asians. They want to admit people from other races even though they are not as highly qualified because they are not Asians. This is another example of Racism from the Democrats and the people supporting them.

  11. And while we’re at it, reform gun laws! That mass shooter bought a gun and massacred those 8 people the very same day!

    1. @Hot Sauce if history means anything, letting more people buy guns hasn’t panned out for the public or the police;
      people can defend themselves just fine if psychopaths weren’t running around w/ firearms

    2. @Ee Zee well I’d rather live than die, some lunatic can’t stab 8 people to death as easily as he could shoot them! lol

    3. @Richard Wong Well, people need to be better vetted before buying guns then. But certainly not gun ban. They should ban certain kinds of guns, though, I think.

    4. @Ee Zee I’m fine w/ that too, it’s not like the gov wants the responsible gun owners’ guns lol

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