Gabby Petito: What is Missing White Woman Syndrome? | USA TODAY 1

Gabby Petito: What is Missing White Woman Syndrome? | USA TODAY


What is Missing White Woman Syndrome and what role does the media play?


The case of Gabby Petito amplified the conversation around so-called Missing White Woman Syndrome.

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  1. You are literally the media and you are complaining about what the media reports. Nobody asked for nationwide coverage on this girl. Be the change you want to see in the world and stop trying to cause outrage.

    1. this guy is really too obviously seeking an audience of color and I’m puerto rican married to an African and WE DONT NEED YOUR SYMPATHY …MOREOVER WE DONT NEED HIS FALSE CONCERN TO COLLECT FOLLOWERS

  2. Stop reporting on this case until there’s new information to give. You’re just using her name as clickbait at this point.

  3. Why continue to divide people in such a Terrible time? If you really care about minorities why not use this platform to share many more missing minorities.?? USA why don’t you create a section on your platform to help find missing people?

    1. @Tom Bombadil right? The time they spent trying to divide us they could have shown at least 10 missing cases

  4. We are considered to be racists anyway. We might as well care about each other if we are being accused of being racists.

  5. Start running a weekly missing persons segment and be part of the solution, not clickbait. NewsNow is doing a Friday segment as a result of this woman’s coverage.

  6. To my understanding most girls that go missing did it on their own fruition. As opposed to you know… a kidnapping. So how am I supposed to feel sorry for the 10nth person this year to go on a social experiment by driving with a dude they just met through the desert. Sounds like a great idea.

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