Gabby Petito's body believed to have been found, says FBI | USA TODAY 1

Gabby Petito’s body believed to have been found, says FBI | USA TODAY


FBI discovered human remains of a body they believe to be Gabby Petito, the missing 22-year-old who was traveling cross-country with her fiancé.

Federal authorities have discovered the remains of a body they believe to be Gabby Petito, 22, a blogger whose mysterious disappearance has fueled national intrigue and a cross-country effort to solve the complex and increasingly bizarre case.

The FBI said law enforcement had combed through a camping area in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest and found human remains that appear to bePetito. Authorities will conduct a full forensic review to verify the remains, according to Charles Jones, a special agent with the FBI's Denver office. He said a cause of death was not immediately clear.

"I would like to extend sincere and heartfelt condolences to Gabby's family," Jones said. "As every parent can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time."

The FBI made the announcement Sunday as law enforcement in Florida ended a second day of searching for Petito's fiancé — the lone person of interest who himself vanished last week.

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  1. Pieces of this puzzle are coming together quickly. Brian, you will be found! The entire world is aware. My deepest condolences to Gabbys family. xo

    1. nobody cares. just a bunch of pearl clutchers feigning outrage because CNN told them to care about it.

      how many black and brown kids go missing that get zero media attention?

    2. @Magdalena Greta I don’t feel very bad that I really don’t care. I mean, people die everyday B. Cold world…… Unless you’re in Arkansas, Then it’s awesome

    1. @B. I see where you’re coming from .. but also .. she had a fan base …. So she seems to have been pretty known by more than her family… I personally cared and wished I could help but oh well ..

    2. Well it depends on who the person is, how they died, if they come from money, who they know and how much their parents are pushing.

      If someone who is poor goes missing and lets say its a male in their 20s or 30s (more so if they are a minority but thats not essential here) they will mist likely not get past a local newspaper if they even get that much

  2. I saw this coming immediately after hearing the story. It’s a common one with a boyfriend that has an obsessive attitude with their girl. That’s a bad sign. A young girl who is only dating someone should not have to deal with that. The guy was a loose cannon and it went off in Gabby’s face. RIP

    1. 48 hour golden rule. When news broke about this like what last week or 2 ago they said she was already missing since August, I was like “she long dead!”

    2. I personally don’t think he was a loose cannon. I don’t know if you had seen it, but there was body cam footage from police that was released showing both Gabby and Brian. Police were called because of them arguing, and she had scratched him. To me, neither come off as bad or anything like that. If this wasn’t their first time physically fighting, or her first time scratching and/or hitting him, they may have gotten into another argument, where he ended up retaliating, but ended up killing her. I’m not trying to justify his actions or anything like that. This is just what I think happened, after seeing the body cam footage.

    3. @zeragon7 Well, of course. I thought it was obvious that I meant particularly when a girl is dating. A married woman may want to try harder to work things out, but otherwise, you should immediately dump the person.

    4. @Asha Blue I heard that friends said he was obsessively controlling of her, setting her up to force her to do or not do something. Right there warning lights should go off. Let’s face it – look what happened. It speaks for itself.

  3. Shame on his parents for not saying anything. They knew what happened to this beautiful girl the moment their son came home without his fiancee.

    1. @Jet Mech He could have done just that. Something similar happened here. A friend of mine was murdered by the ex-husband of a woman he was dating. He then kidnapped the woman and her kids after raping her. His parents hid him and the ones he kidnapped for 2 weeks knowing what he had done. The sad part was that the parents were not charged and sent to prison along with him.

    2. What does her physical appearance have to do with it? If she were unattractive, would you care? If she weren’t crying and acting the victim in response to her own acts of violence, would you care?

    3. @Tuna Breakfast 3.3 And you are not making assumptions that he is not guilty? Obviously, you are not a parent and have no clue what are you talking about.

    4. @Benri Wasn’t referring only to her physical appearance. She was a beautiful person inside and out. Before assuming things use your brain.

  4. He knew where she was all alone, that’s why he drove her car back to Florida to hide behind his parents. They knew too. So sad this happened to this poor girl.

    1. @Todd J. come on dude she’s dead!! He ran like OJ!! Innocent people don’t run!!! Guilty is all over this case!!! Cops body cams proved fighting between them both!! Now she is DEAD!! He came home without HER!!!! Guilty with an explanation NO NOT NOTHING!!! He hauled a$$!! Like OJ

    2. @Lemon Sunshine Well said. A narcissist loves nothing more than to see someone else crack and then stand there calm, cool, collect while the other person is distraught and seemingly out of control.

  5. I think she would still be alive today if police had arrested her when they questioned Gabby and Brian and Brian had scratches all over his face…

    1. @Donnie BunkerBoi I’m a lib, and I ain’t blaming the police, ya generalizing deplorable…***flips righteous bird in your direction***

    2. @Brett or maybe it’s the guys fault that he can’t handle life! Arguments happen, you don’t run that far from them! especially in a vehicle that isn’t yours!

    3. @Todd J. youre right hard to tell what actually happened she was pretty distraught and might’ve been suicidal as well nobody really knows. Hopefully they can determine cause of death from her body

  6. Isn’t it odd he went home without her and not reported missing before he left? Is it reasonable to assume a level of guilt on his part? Especially since he’s in hiding?

    1. @J S you said “Anything you say can and TYPICALLY does always end up being used…”
      I’m saying it “WILL be used” not “typically”.

    2. @J S I hear you after rereading it. But that was kinda the “it works 80% of the time 100% of the time.” They will 100% use it against you.

    3. @richard coughlan yes. Innocent until proven guilty. We have a justice system and the court of public opinion is not part of it.

  7. now after the sad and tragic discovery, seeing footages of her crying and in distress hurts even more rip sweet angel

    1. @fastplant44 yeah she was stressed because she was blogging about their road trip which i guess is stressful apparently and he was trying to console her and she started scratching his face or something

  8. I don’t understand how he made it all the way home without telling family members they split up prior to arriving and that’s even if it happened that way. I know if me and my fiance split up my closest friends would know. Also, even if we split up it doesn’t mean i don’t care enough to not try to help find you IF I don’t know where you are. This is why Brian’s behavior makes him look guilty.

    1. I don’t think this nerd HAS any close friends. His body language and mannerisms SCREAM subterfuge and general overall “twitchy” factor.

  9. Pure speculation: Either he killed her or left her in the unknown to fend for herself, then came back to report her missing, then committed suicide knowing his life was over

    1. @Anthony Hostetler cool, bro . That’s not at all my point. My point was the public made their opinion before the trial was over and there was no YouTube. Public opinion has always and will always be a thing.

    2. @Anthony Hostetler O.J Simpson litterally wrought a book called “I did it” where he described how he killed. You are a moron if you don’t know this by now, the book has been out for a LONG time.

  10. You know he is guilty when he doesn’t report his own girlfriend missing and instead heads back home without her. If he was innocent, he would be running to the local law enforcement and begging for help to find her. What an evil human being. He will either be found dead of suicide, or hunted down like the coward that he is. God bless Gaby and her parents.

  11. Very sad I have no words.. idk what goes through peoples minds to actually do something like that to the person they love. It’s unbelievable.. He could’ve just ended the relationship and went his way.

    1. agree with you all the way, i hope this guy gets proper justice, she was crying for help, this is why i look for signs in anyone i get to know…this could’ve been avoided also if she just would have said in her mind “screw it, i need help and a way out” then told them everything when they stopped the van…i come from a small town, and i STILL wouldn’t put up with that bs from the guy. body language says more than words can in this instance.

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