Gaetz Associate Expected To Plead Guilty In Criminal Case 1

Gaetz Associate Expected To Plead Guilty In Criminal Case


Joel Greenberg, the former Seminole County tax collector whose criminal case spawned a sex trafficking investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz is expected to plead guilty.

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  1. Creepy Baby Gaetz is soiling himself, fit tweeting praise to the Mango Maniac, as if he could still pardon him.

    1. @Robert Cowan WTH are you talking about? The Anti-Christ is over 1950 years over due. The way the bible is written it should have happened with in the year 50-60 AD.

    1. I wonder how his boyfriend is going to treat him in there. I wonder if he would be willing to share him for Ramen and cookies.

    2. Butt hurt liberal. 🤣🤣
      How long is biden and Barry Soetoro going to be in prison for treason? 🤔

    1. Are Republicans going to restrict juror voting? 🤣 Or the old go-to: “the jury was rigged, your honor”. 🤣

    2. They don’t knock! To quote gene wilder in willie wonka when agustus was stuck in the pipe “the suspense is killing me, I hope it lasts!”

    1. @bob bobson Hey bob, already answered your question, and you fail to respond with anything intelligent. If you cannot understand ethics, duty, America being first priority, compared to me, me, me and the cult of trump its you with the issue and I cannot fix that. I can educate, not operate. You might try a HRC or other mental health place to get help. Being in a cult is a mental health issue, please get help before its too late.
      OO and he did it for the US, for the World Bank, for the EU, and at the request of several European countries…so yeah, not for himself, but hey why let reality interfere with a orange wet dream right 😉

  2. What do you call a guy with no arms, no legs, laying on the sidewalk in front of a prison? Matt Gaetz. 😎

    1. @Jeff Libby Get a grip kid! I sentence you to one John Prine album and two episodes of Timeghost(ww2).

  3. “They’re coming for you not me…”…………no, no, Matt, they’re definitely coming for YOU…….

  4. Subpoenas about to be handed out like raffle tickets. I wonder how many of Matt’s state/federal associates will be testifying.

  5. Half the country: “Lock up the sleazebag!”
    Other half of the country: “Clearly a witch hunt!”

    1. @Voice Of Reason
      They have zilch. It’s been 2 years and there’s nothing substantial enough to go forward with a criminal indictment.

    2. ​@Glenn Williams
      Ok, let me say it this way: 30% support Trump, 35% are against him, and 35% are utterly indifferent. That is your society. FIX IT. The rest of the world cannot survive a fascist U.S. You almost drove the world off a cliff this time. Please, please, PLEASE start making the necessary changes, like Germany did after 1945.

    3. @Voice Of Reason
      You people are so cute 😉 Yes, with Hillary, this strategy worked: You kept bringing up Benghazi in one frivolous “investigation” after the other, and so she lost in 2016. And since you can’t find anything similar on Biden, you go after his son, even though you are fully aware that every single Trump child and child-in-law has actually done ten times worse that what you only claim Hunter has done.

    4. @Rick Simon your talking about republicans not democrats. Republicans are only 30 % of the voting population that’s not the total populations . Each year more people vote democrat then republican in large margins but due to gerrymandering the republicans are able to stay in power . The lies are what keeps them in power racism keeps them in power and when Germany was looking for ways to exterminate the Jews they look to the Americas this country has never respected the rule of law or every man rights and freedom so it’s just one big lie after the other under the disguise a freedom under liberty justice for it’s all is the big lie .

    5. @Glenn Williams
      Rule of thumb: While some people CAN write sentences that are 50, 60, even 70 words long, most people cannot. Your last sentence (“The lies …”) is unintelligible.

  6. “They know he paid me to pay the girls, and that he and I both had [relations] with the girl who was [a minor at the time].”
    — Message from Joel Greenberg to Roger Stone
    Greenberg even warned his buddies, saying, “Everyone is going to need a lawyer.”.

    1. The reason why they dont think they did any wrong is because they are inbred in their own families.

    1. Every party has bad apples. No doubt. Although I don’t know all the facts about Mr. Gaetz, and I would certainly never trust MSNBC to give me facts. But if he is in fact guilty, let him go to jail! We said the same for the Jan 6 protesters. Let them pay for their unlawfulness. And same goes for BLM and the burning buildings and store looting. Anyone of any party that breaks the law should be prepared to pay the price.

    2. @Voice Of Reason lol… except Barr’s own DoJ found that 93% of blm demonstrations were peaceful and the rest involved attacks by rightwingers… the entire party is corrupt and, along w Team Trump, Fox News, OAN, etc… has hundreds of thousands of American deaths on their hands… a racist fascist base following corrupt, blatant, liars…

    3. @Voice Of Reason I agree. Wrong is wrong no matter which affiliation but who said BLM were democrats? Just because they don’t agree with the right they’re automatically lumped in as being part of the left?

    4. @Mack Jr Bell True, BLM is not necessarily Democrats. And I do not believe that all BLM are Democrats. Although I guess I could quote Mr. Biden that you aint Black if your not Democrat. LOL. But that certainly isn’t true. The point i was trying to make is all bad apples that do bad things, regardless of party, color, or any affiliation need to be ready to pay the price – if they break our laws. Mr. Gaetz is no exception – if it’s proven that he broke the law.

  7. Matt Gaetz’s expected defense:
    “Well she was just 17
    You know what I mean?
    And the way she looked
    was way beyond compare.
    How could I ‘dance’ with another, whooo,
    When I saw her standing there?”

    1. Maybe he’ll use the Winger defense:
      “She’s only 17 (17)
      Daddy says she’s too young
      But she’s old enough for me”

    2. An she wouldn’t Dance with…

      She’ll be dancing with another… to-right…
      The Prosecutors …
      An that needs a…

  8. So when are Benson and Stabler gonna arrest him already? This is the longest episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” I’ve ever seen.

    1. I think they can make it — with sharp editing, victim flashbacks, and quick exposition inserts from the media, like the story above.

  9. Matt Gaetz is only 5’-7” with lifts in his shoes. He’s going to have a tough time in prison. The only weapon he has is that 10 gallon head.

    1. @Rockin’ G Ranch …. Is that his actual height ? Because I have never bothered to check it ..

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